World War 3 : Tensions High as North and South Korea exchange fire across border (Mar 31, 2014)


SOURCE: http : //www.cbsnews . com News : North Korea threatens a ‘ new type of nuclear test ‘ …


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  1. Ohhh hurry up and start the Global WAR already!!……..I wanna go uP!! So loooonging to go HOME!!!!!

  2. Rams Alarm says:

    Thanks So Much for All your Incredible Dedication & Powerful Spiritual Support! Your Biblical Scriptural Applications are Superior & Highly Valued! We Simply Cannot Thank You Enough! Please Keep Up the Exceptional Work in Warning the Sheeple to Wake Up & Look Up! Our Redemption Draws Neigh! God Bless You!

  3. Lora Lampe says:

    God Bumps! Keep coming on me! This is heavy!

  4. Morn Wood says:

    God please return and destroy all evil on this earth. Heaven is neigh for many.

  5. the777 says:

    Eyes to the sky.

  6. Clinth Jhon says:

    God will give sign through skies and everyone should knee and raise there hand and look up and say the name of your God and those who follow will be saved !!!!! there's no rapture coming rapture coming when we get out on this world !!!! there will be sign on april 14th .. a blood moon will be seen on that day and one on october and two on 2015 and after all those 4 blood moons a big day will come and it will change the world forever there will be coming a king and has a power !!!! Wake Up & Look Up! Our Redemption Draws Near ! God Bless You!

  7. Joseph Rain says:

    7:438:09 This is no joke to them. They are preparing for the worst-case scenario.

  8. Did Obama quote scripture again? Does he really think that people believe he is a Christian. He needs to just quit now.

  9. they are poisoning the oceans with waste

  10. NikoEzio says:

    God help our beloved world…

  11. Obama is the real evil !!! .…………

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