World War 3: The People’s E.A.S. Will Not Fail! – The LanceScurv Show


World War 3 looms upon us yet the masses of people in America seem too preoccupied with the trivial pursuits of materialism, escapism and all that the …


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  1. 28:03 Yes indeed Lance! Yes indeed!… 2:30am on the west coast I was moved to use the little girl's room. Spirit said "check youtube on your phone" (I never do that). So immediately I check for Lance and I found Brotha Dave SPITTING TRUTH more than an hour already into the show.

    I just recently had an exchange with a beautiful intelligent Black Man about CREATING YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES. If things are happening in your Life that are unfavorable then it is your individual responsibility to Create something different. CREATE CREATORS CREATE! ase

  2. Everytime I listen to brother Dave he turn my thought processes upside down and I start taking notes. blessings to you brother Lance and brother Dave.

  3. Where Attention Goes Energy Flows….

    We will no longer focus on THEM, feeding the Beast our Energy, we will focus on OURSELVES. No longer will we feed them with our finances. Eliminate our dependency on the Beast.
    We will return to our natural state of Being through our Diet, our education, our connection to Nature, our Physical bodies, our SPIRITUAL PRACTICES….

    Learn how to protect ourselves and our families metaphysically. Every person should learn how to manipulate Energies or find a spiritual practitioner who can help you. Our ancestors knew how to do this. Ask the Ancestors for assistance!

    I will be creating a (long overdo) survival kit/stash TODAY! KNOWLEDGE IS NOTHING WITHOUT ACTION. I Love you all Beautiful Black People. Let’s ASCEND above this bullshit together! Rise of a Nation……ASE ??

  4. I study this 'world system' and can vouch for the authenticity of this man's teaching. I recommend those that are ignorant to these mechanisms, to please put down whatever it is in your life that is distracting you, whether it be people, places, or things, and begin to study. The system that your grandparents, parents, and that you have lived by is about to change. This life that you see around you is but a facade, and the shiite is about to hit the proverbial fan. DO NOT let the world convince you that we are 'conspiracy theorists', when they are the one perpetrating the conspiracies.

  5. I have also noticed this "refinement of slavery" agenda in media entertainment. Nearly every commercial from breath mints to furniture has a whistling jingle in it. That is not a coincidence. I have also noticed a lot of non-recruitment harassment by those with the "secret handshakes." They're assessing who will cooperate and removing those who will not.

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