World War 3 : U.S. led ground invasion exercises taking place on Syrian border (Jun 20, 2013)


News : Syria war gives US – Jordan war games in sharp http : // www . …


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  1. atlsailor1 says:

    well you had a good example what happened in Georgia on the ground and a navy flit supported by usa , but tis time it's more series , and Russia will never give up .

  2. atlsailor1 says:

    o boy , you talking about propaganda? just thinking WHO pushing all this shit??? and do you thing you gona win ?????

  3. Im not that worried about it, but things are getting more intense every year, and remember a huge reason why WW2 started was because of just a little land cut off from Germany, and WW1 started because of an assassination, so illegally gassing 1400 people is going to get some people involved, but your right, no need to get worried unless something major happens.

  4. You know if Arch Duke Ferdinand wasnt assassinated alot of this shit wouldnt be happening, and yeah that whole prussian region has always had a dominate spirit to it, and Syria is a bit different, but countries around Syria like Israel want America to invade, and Obama is not quite sure about it, thats why he said that congress can decide.

  5. Well I know Israel has its problems to, but more people are talking about Syria than anything else right now :T

  6. Thats probably never going to happen,thats what they thought after WW2, but then another war happend 5 years later.
    But your probably just saying "goodbye" so PEACE

  7. Faiz M says:

    Ni honor in being a marine

  8. Rohaan Stock says:

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  9. Smooth Hans says:

    You people are crazy. Every time someone moves a tank or rebases an airplane suddenly WW3 is about to pop off. Goddamn religious nuts…

  10. Bean Cube says:

    Russia needs to get into Syria; otherwise, we cannot get into Israel. Russians can take down Assad and we can take down Netanyahu. It will be a good deal in deed.

  11. Cyan Escens says:

    hahaha. WW3 has been in the making for decades now, there wont be this sudden.. "oh?! WW3 is starting, grab your guns?!", you'll be in the thick of it before you even realize

  12. Smooth Hans says:

    Does your hat pick up XM radio signals too?

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  14. I can walk on the sreats of israel in fair peace and safety.can i do that in arab country.probibly get eatin

  15. PeRG4moS says:

    Some people are just so dead set in "our government would never" that people just stumble over the truth and pick themselves up as if nothing had happened. If more people knew about the truth of the Federal Reserve, people would find out alot more on why and how governments can do what they do. "Give me control over a nations currency, and i care not who makes the laws" -Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  16. PeRG4moS says:

    You guys think this is about Syria, or Iran.. or Russia.. what if i told you it's bigger? We, as americans have become obssessed with this "threat" oversea's perfectly executed and successful by the powers at be, that we have forgotten what happens in our very borders.. FEMA october 1st .. does anyone even know what the DHS has ordered? Does anyone even know the extent of what edward snowden revealed to us as a patriot?.. skynet, and utah NSA.. FEMA and DHS orders to Region 3.. and no one cares.

  17. Jad says:

    At least you're not brainwashed by the media…

  18. i dont want to live in this world anymore

  19. i fail to see the problem of letting them kill eachother off lol
    its another step to getting rid of islam
    no islam = easier to get world peace started

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