WORLD WAR 3? US & UK lead MILITARY AGAINST Israel’s IRAN strike! Hormuz POWER Play


The recent mass deployment of UK and U.S. forces in the Arabian Gulf has been downplayed by defense experts on Sunday, brushing off suggestions that the substantial military moves were linked to a possible Israeli military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Asked if the exercise has anything to do with the ongoing tension between Israel and Iran, Lt. Greg Raelson, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, told Al Arabiya English: “No; this international mine countermeasures exercise 2012 is not being conducted in response to any one particular threat or a specific situation.”

The U.S. Navy announced, on August 30th, in a press release posted on its official blog ( that “the U.S. Fifth Fleet will host its first International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX)” in the Arabian Gulf . “With more than 20 nations participating from Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America, IMCMEX 2012 will be the largest of its kind ever in this region,” according to the U.S. Navy statement.

The statement added “that IMCMEX 12 is a defensive exercise aimed at preserving freedom of navigation in international waterways in the region.”

“The international community has a critical shared interest in the free flow of commerce via strategic waterways,” the statement added.

With the looming possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, recent media speculation has asserted that Western battleships, minesweepers and submarines massing near the strategic Strait of Hormuz could be an unprecedented show of force by the bloc.

But these reports could be giving the situation a “significance it doesn’t deserve,” British defense analyst, Paul Smyth, told Al Arabiya English on Sunday, rebuffing speculations that the Western military moves were taken with political intent.

The main worry, which has prompted media guesswork, is Western concern that Iran’s retaliation to an Israeli attack could involve a blockade of the shipping lane, or an attempt to mine it. About 18 million barrels of oil — approximately 35 percent of the world’s petroleum traded by sea in 2011 — are being shipped through the Strait of Hormuz every day.

A possible blockade of the strait would have a cataclysmic effect on the already fragile economies of Britain, France, the United States and Japan, all of which rely heavily on oil and gas supplies from the Gulf.

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  1. Ricky Hunter says:

    Ohhh…I see what yer raving on now lol…a little typo is a big win to you looser lol… should have read 30km…as the last of them were capable ….but then….who is worried about a few km when you were 5000 tanks of for america hahahaha fuking waste of space lol.

  2. Ricky Hunter says:

    Hope no one sends you any links to pose on other vids as a know it all. Look for your own links, however, the US has produced the abrams in many varied forms, and had produce 8800 of them by 23/10/2012. Other countries like Australia, egypt, saudi and kuwait use them. There are 1462 in the hands of american allies and that left a grand total of 7338 in service in american services. And they are still building them. So guess 8000 was a lot closer than your estimate eh dickhead. (_!_)

  3. Ricky Hunter says:

    By the way…beguin with capitals if your english doesnt suck lol…..any fool can go to wiki and get links with obsolete information. The Ikara had 4 upgrades……which one were you refering to…….the old throwing stick from the 60s lol. Not as smart as you thought you were. ALways asking for links to use to show how smart you are when you knew nothing untill you got the links…pathetic man….real pathetic.

  4. Ricky Hunter says:

    Not joking. But as everyone reading this now knows… are a joke. You know and understand nothing militarily and fob off anyone that does know or threatens to reveal you as a fraud with phrases like – Dont understand you, your english is bad……..concidering I do teach english to underpriveledged like you. Then you say why are you here??????? I ask, why are you here fuckhead. Why did you respond to people? If you dont like responses, dont enter utube baby fuckstick.

  5. Ricky Hunter says:

    Just so you know, The IKARA could deliver a torpedo to target sub at 300km in just under 5 minutes. Fully undetectable in air and with a lock on system from in flight to water, its all over before a sub knows its on its way. Once its on your tail, it is all over. Thats why every Austra;ian vessel used it. It has now been replaced by a newer improved system which is even better. The Ikara is still used by brazil, chile, NZ, and english navies. The new ASWS in Auss is a secret still.

  6. Ricky Hunter says:

    My ID shows in mexico, I am not mexican? I am in fact Australian, with better english than you could comprehend, as is a given for all its officers. So I will speak even clearer english for those with trainer glasses. As for Russia having the best naval rocket technology, both them and America admit to Australias superiority there. Our guided rocket frigates can sink a carrier before the carrier knows its there. Even our redundant IKARA anti sub missile from the 60's has no equal today.

  7. Ricky Hunter says:

    i don't know what you would argue about, all that i see is constant military………it seems you begin most of your arguements with the same lline…….if its too hard to understand, then maybe your out of your depth. Thats just for starters. You say where exactly is russia behind on technology, lest make it easier, you tell us where it is more advanced or equal. MY answer is …nowhere, but once again, bet you are confused lol.

  8. paul holmes says:

    we wont win this war china and russia said if uk and usa do anything there ready ww3 is coming

  9. nobita nobi says:

    china india russia is ready

  10. AussieVR4 says:

    Let's hope smarter heads prevail! And reasonable negotiations are met for everyone. I'm Australian and I've said it time and time again I will sign up if our allies need us. But I will not do so if it our allies fire the first shot! We should not be in any wars we have our own problems at home, like not being able to go to the shop with out some cop or government body trying to fine you for something.

  11. you know it mate. oh well shit happens.
    you know aving the japs on side is good stuff the know how 2 kamikarzi
    russia i reckon will switch sides to us lot wen it goes off.
    china has good hareware but the old wars involving troops are over.
    iran ? say no more there shit.

  12. looks like its gonna be japan, usa, uk vs china, russia, iran.

  13. iranian leaders will bring about death to its people..
    the good people's need to overtrow the government…
    look at how sick twisted people convince women kids to be suicide bombers an allow them to think there going to paridise same is happing to iranian souls..its suicide to fight the west!
    qwestion for an ideological muslim?..why would god create us men,women,kids out of love to then ask muslims to undo what his hand has made????????????????????

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