World War III and the Gross Hypocrisy of Britain and America – David Icke Videocast


World Tour Tickets – 2016/17 World War III and the Gross Hypocrisy of Britain and America – David Icke Videocast All …


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  1. Randal R says:

    All roads lead to Rome…and Rome (Vatican) is calling all the shots.Global Estate Trust NWO Est 1302. Empire of the City. the Fourth Beast in Revelation. An American Affidavit.Time to Emit.

  2. We Have To Be Prepared For The Absolute Worst.  Adolf Hitler Was Just Childs Play, Compared To What's Yet To Come. When These Evil Satanic Global Elite's Have Nuke's At Their Finger Tips, That Will Lead Us To A Global Catastrophe. This Is Not A Scared Factor To Anyone, But A Truth Factor, Because These Evil Twisted Globalist Bastard's, Are Truly Preparing For This, While They Hide In Their 5 Star Nuclear Bunkers, Or Space Stations.

  3. Alexpmgr8 K3 says:

    hi david icke, i got into shit loads of trouble on the wogan night for backing you up inside our cosy family home yonks ago. My parents went ballistic when i said there would be a black president, and also mentioning since then about twin towers being blown up didnt go down well either. So, i saw our "last laugh" was never going to be funny mate. 🙁 . gutted

  4. Randal R says:

    WAR and Rumors of War. Revelation.

  5. Danny says:

    Amazing video as usual. A few weeks ago I was in Poland and I saw some graffiti that said, in English: "David Icke on YouTube" people all over the world are waking up to this friendly faced politically correct dictatorship and hopefully together we can reject it.

  6. MASTERBEVS says:


  7. steve logan says:

    This is old – just goes to show you how right David was. He loses me on the reptile thing but damn he nails some good points.

  8. The war you're talking about began in 2010 and it's basically an economic war, fought with money instead of armies. There are small conflicts, of course, but it's difficult that they will change in bigger ones. By now, who has a big capital is buying everything around the world, and that's why nobody is interested in a big war. It's better to oppress small and weak countries, like Greece and Italy, to buy at a very low price. For instance, USA are using as usual  their friends in italian mafia to take control of it, and their friends are happy to follow and take advantage of this lucrative scenario.
    You are right about the demonization of Russia: this, and the Ucraine connection, are intended to intimidate Russia. The problem is that Putin is afraid of nothing…
    Anyway, I think Putin will capitulate because his people are starving. I only hope he could manage to obtain some advantage for his country.

  9. earth watch says:

    Our one last line of defense is president Putin But if he has to let go a few nukes then we've entered the period of lost human civilization for a large number of us

  10. Matt North says:

    David was the last person I looked into. I had the preconceived notion he was just a profiteer. Funny how I organically came to all the same conclusions David did. Thats how you know deep in your gut David is a real one and speaks the truth.

  11. Matt North says:

    Luke and David are the last real ones.

  12. Matt North says:

    Who do y'all think will have a foot in the door for power after this old system destroys its self? Alex Jones and Infowars Maybe? Please don't blindly follow anyone.

  13. DJ Wade says:

    Poor loopy Dave.

  14. I'm relatively new to listening to David. But I know that whatever lead me to listening put me on the right path. Why do I know this, because my cool aid drinking daughter who is involved with computer science and is working toward artificial intelligence programming thinks you're nuts.
    Well if you're nuts, so am I.

  15. Icke right as usual.

  16. Kris Rose says:

    Wondering if David icke will ever come up with new material and stop uploading all his old stuff over and over…

  17. Lol he has all of the answers the prick

  18. No nukes will be used the powers that be have too much to lose …they want war for their NWO which won't happen if it goes nuclear

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