World War III – Jonas Brothers


LINES VINES AND TRYING TIME IN STORES NOW!!!!!!!!!!! program – adobe premiere.


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  1. tisasou07 says:

    loooooove ur viddd

  2. this is the coolest vid ever!

  3. awesome video!
    what program is this?

  4. Ur videos….r so cool!!!! I wish the ones I made were as awesome as urs!!!!

  5. Its bad Mood!
    But still amazing
    i love all ur vids

  6. Leelwillow98 says:

    But i ddinnt do nothin? Stupiid lyricc

  7. @Jonasluvr888 no they aren't I got them from the actual CD case.

  8. Darlene says:

    @JBMusicOnRedbull465 Well then the case was wrong. xD
    0:49 It says ' I dont want no' But he says 'I didnt want no'
    But regardless this is wonderfu l. And I would argue with anyone who disagreed that you are hands down the best lyrics youbter on here.

  9. AmberFear00 says:

    very aesome. i love how the lyrics go.i dint think they were hard to was really cool . good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. GiJordyn says:

    @JBMusicOnRedbull465 Sorry im not hating but they are wrong it said "I walking into the bedroom" Its "I walked into the bedroom" But this is a sexyyyy video haha

  11. bekajay says:

    @JBMusicOnRedbull465 well at 0:23 it says "Tonight I walking into the bedroom" which is grammatically incorrect, and as you listen to it, it's pretty clear that it's "Tonight I walked into the bedroom" but I understand it is completely trivial and really irrelevant… Just a simply typing mistake ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amazing vids though – especially LOVED the Introducing me vid!!!

  12. MarsLos10 says:

    your vids are amazing!!!! can you plz tell me which program do you use?? xD thanks.

  13. Alanis7Skas says:

    which program did you use? the video is amazing !!! and the song too !

  14. u put dont instead of didnt but i love ur vids. 0:51 , 1:44 its your turning all your troops on me not to trun all you troops on me, and 2:34 its that theres nothing left to learn

  15. Helga Lind says:

    i think the first line is a little messed up tho

  16. samscrown says:

    Reminds me of Taylor's new album "Red" ๐Ÿ˜‰ see what you did there taylor ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. wheres everyone at damn this is fire๏ปฟ

  18. Erica Gilson says:

    It's August 2016…fuck, it's been a while.๏ปฟ

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