World War III Scenario Army Comparison 2017


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35 Responses

  1. Alex Strong says:

    Real Scenario NATO vs All Word

  2. if there is a war, that a nuclear war.

  3. 李宇 says:


  4. Ìboy says:

    so where its Germany? LoL

  5. I'm all for world ? peace, but all democratic republics should be united. As an American, I admit we aren't perfect and can be in the wrong often (I mean the average man has very little impact on politics no matter where you're from) but western countries need to coexist and let the rising tides of prosperity lift all boats.

    I'll be honest though, the only real world threat right now, is China and N. Korea. China is acting crazy out in the South China Sea and devaluing their currency and stealing intellectual properties from EVERYONE (aka economic warfare). Them and N. Korea need to be checked.

  6. honda Ex5 says:

    Yeah all have nuclear .. all be die ..

  7. Carson Right says:

    if USA military pulls out more women then it will have the total of 15million personal

  8. I'm Persian I love Italian and French These countries are not in the list of world war

  9. bullshit stead of france and itally U should put issraiil and soudi arabia

  10. AF POWER says:

    Kuzey korenin karışacağını sanmıyorum

  11. YKH20 says:

    .You just have to show the power of Iran's army Please Iran Army, IRGC show

  12. shkurt meli says:

    usa the best.. the king

  13. Can Yılmaz says:

    We Turks Brave Warriors TURKEY vs World

  14. You should put Turkey under of USA ! not italy..they'll attack with pizza ?? hahahaaha If USA join a war then Turkey will be with them…If you see turks who loves russia then you must know they has brainwashed by erdogan….Turkey is never with russia !

  15. believe that says:

    plz someone do a favour for this beautiful world..blow up this fucking UK as soon as possible…

  16. I Am Glad and Very Happy that India is not Involved in War …..
    We Indians are Really Not Interested in War …..
    So Relax and Just Chill Chill Just Chill ??????

  17. Just destroy UK..that's all for me….oops they are US slaves now..master won't like it…

  18. tom borys says:

    Russia would never side with ragheads or n.korea

  19. Fera wwati says:


  20. germany and spain would also fight with USA UK france and italy

  21. 16.57 , is that KKK?

  22. Thanks for not involving India here….. we have absolutely no interest in fighting senselessly against anyone… China, Russia, Iran are our neighbors and friends…. We are also friends with France, UK, USA…

  23. Emirhan Ayan says:

    Frenc Vs Turkey plsss

  24. hour army doesn't have 326,000 soldiers.

  25. France???? Most Power!!!

  26. Your list sucked where is India?

  27. Nato❤❤?????????????

  28. raghav lall says:

    India has the 4th most strongest military in the world and you're ignoring it in all your videos!

  29. aleksei G says:

    I dont belive chinese and usa population

  30. its time to make China the best again =D.

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