World War III (the world in the next 200 years)


already imagined how the world will be 200 years from now , certainly have gone through many wars and many moves and changes will be


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  1. Davi Mendes says:

    wtf impearial brazil

  2. Puto EE.UU Consumió Completitito México =-O

  3. YNG Mexi says:

    my country will not disappear and if u love your country i hope it will also not disappear

  4. Är du galen??? Danmark kommer aldrig att ta över skandinavien!

  5. comonse llama la musica

  6. Pat Jen says:

    int he next years. korea will unify to create just, "Korea"

  7. Pat Jen says:

    the g union and anti-g union will be most likely the wwIII

  8. Pat Jen says:


  9. Pat Jen says:

    The Texas became independent
    2:22 NO!

  10. If the big G is for God, I will be glad that I do not live in that world.

  11. noooooooooooooo the philipines is gone

  12. i cant find the philipines nooooooooooo

  13. wtf the us is gone too

  14. Fuck this video is hurting my eyes.

  15. 2:25 well it looks like we are going to be controlled by Russians…..

  16. the last country are live in the earth of today is Arabia Saudi

  17. I have best Idea ever. Why not build power armor, Then can it attack bad guys.

  18. I love the moment where Russia returs Soviet Union xd

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