World War III


The song ‘s video is ” hell on March 2 ” Frank Klepacki , the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 soundtrack . A [ possible ] preview of the third world war …


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  1. The anyoing thing about the US army THEY ARE SLOW TO RESPOND

  2. пока у русского солдата есть пули спички самогон сосите хуй солдаты NATO и пусть усреться пентагон!!!

  3. Jolanta War says:

    53 battlefield 2 😀

  4. pedro henry says:

    ace combat dont use real coutrys

  5. DmageGore says:

    Exactly -____________-

    But unlike my other colleagues, I hope you have changed 🙂

  6. I Bobster says:

    Россия потянет

  7. The China is gonna TRY to attack America because Field Marshal of China said that the America is taking all territory and that they need more space so it looks like on Wolrd War III.

  8. command and conquer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. One of my favorite videos since I had my first account in '06

  10. VideoGames in the Video:
    World in Conflict
    World in Conflict:Soviet Assualt
    Battlefield 2

  11. I saw Ace Combat. :3

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