WW3 2015 / World War 3 Simulation – Part 1


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  1. TheYodadrunk says:

    india is the largest democracy in the world.. and you just made it a commie … good job dick head

  2. This only fake video who people made it.

  3. andre borges says:

    yes turkey should be blue

  4. andre borges says:

    who starts the war, germany ? XD

  5. andre borges says:

    yes europe doens't want war in any actually, maybe the most heated regions zones are Greece Balkans and Ukraine, greece because of economic ploblems with UE, the Balkans because of stupid things (they hate themselves for fun), ukraine because of gas domination over russian things. And maybe turkey because of ISIS and europe not helping them, but i my opinion turkey have done already many good things to join UE

  6. joey florez says:

    If You Were Right Turkey's Allies With Russia.

  7. What does red mean 

  8. Central Asia shold be Neutral.

  9. U.S.A  Creating war !

  10. Not at all accurate of what would probably happen…

  11. I know u hate Albanians but tell me WHY?>

  12. turkey join russian block HAHAHHAHAHAHAHABABBABA XDXDXDXD

  13. WOW japan is a transformers after nato

  14. im from balkans and i'm sure that turkey is on side of NATO
    and alience between serbia and grece is correct

  15. KidPlays TV says:

    this is world war 2 you idiot!

  16. Matt Carter says:

    What did the yellow mean??

  17. Matt Carter says:

    And what's with the large gray empire/ country in Europe?

  18. matt carter gray empire is germany empire with colony in north africe, other grey countries in europe are finland croatia and hungary, yelow is japan empire and all land that japan conquer

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