CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 CIVIL WAR All Trailer | Marvel 2016


CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 CIVIL WAR Final & All Trailer | Marvel 2016 Marvel Filme auf Blu Ray/DVD: Captain America (Chris Evans) and …


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  1. I thought it was an old Spiderman I miss him

  2. ana sanchez says:

    i love captain america . but iron man will always be my fav

  3. mohd ajmel says:

    Wait2 is this real or fake??

  4. Rokimoko says:

    i was hoping spideys intro would be like : hi am spodermen

  5. TD GamingTM says:

    fuck you captain america

  6. Sob says:

    Spider man : Hi Every one! ~
    And He Gone @@~ I need more HIM!

  7. Caps going to have done all that fighting for Bucky, and then at the end Bucky will betray him or something and cap won't have anyone

  8. I actually kinda like the new spidey. Und Black Panther ist nice. Brauchen wir gar nicht groß zu reden. Das erklärt sich ja von selbst. Ich freu mich soooooooooo auf diesen Film!!

  9. The movie look amazing and I'm good with the stark team.

  10. Abhi Rego says:

    United we stand divided we fall remember those words always

  11. sorry tony, but he's my boyfriend…….so was i…… xD

  12. does anyone know the song title from 5:11 onward til the end of the video ?? it's nice :)

  13. This will be the Movie of the Year

  14. 720mine says:

    Why spiderman?!?!

  15. No puedo creer que va a aparecer Spiderman El Capitán América civil War

  16. I cannot wait until the this movie comes out .

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