Captain America Civil War | official trailer #2 (2016) Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr.


Marvel’s ” Captain America : Civil War . ” It picks up where ” Avengers : Age of Ultron ” left off , as Steve Rogers leads the new Avengers team in their continuous efforts …


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  1. Vision is the strongest one along with black panther

  2. Marvel… bloody well not end the movie 5 minutes after Spidey shows up. There will be a lot of pissed fans if you do that.

  3. Adam W says:

    This was probably one of the best trailers I have ever see

  4. Cookie Dough says:

    One question…
    I love him, but why?!

  5. So who stole my chicken fried rice? xD

  6. Chris Page says:

    Spider-Man sounds like Justin bieber

  7. Я один заметил значок РФ?

  8. meilham says:

    how the hell team cap would win? vision and spidey on tony's side! unless hulk's on cap's side and finallty thor become the middle man..

  9. Oscar Dawson says:

    i love how they've turned captain america into like the best standalone films in the series

  10. arthur dias says:

    bicho piruleta

  11. redhunter says:

    if you pause the video at 2:16 and 2:17 you can see that black widow is standing next to captain America could this mean she's on captain Americas team

  12. Lupix Pixie says:

    I died when spider man said: hey everyone. XD

  13. Umadbro says:

    1:50 who's that? I know it's a stupid question…

  14. they should have just gotten drake to do the voice

  15. I don't know what side to take captain's first but when I saw spider man I just lost it and I hope its the spider man from amazing spider man and not someone els but I'm am just shocked they got new people to I can't water for that movie to come out it has all marvel in it but the one thing that properly would have made it better would have been deadpool then that would be best movie ever??

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