Clint Mansell – Death is the Road to Awe


All the copyright goes to Clint Mansell please give all the credit to him but in the mean time enjoy the video
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  1. sami sam says:

    This music is unique, where the soul pure feelings mixed with fear !
    I listened to it during watching the arrivals

  2. I was looking for a song to sleep to.
    For the last few months, I've been listening to Rundtgaing Av Den by Burzum. Now this

  3. kayser911 says:

    Böyle şarkıyı sikeyim. İçim dışım şüphe, tereddüt ve endişe oldu.

  4. How does this not have 14 billion views?

  5. It sounds like a mother nature created this masterpiece herself, not a human.. Fantastic music and movie.

  6. Marko Kos says:

    I always see this movie once a year , and for 2 hours Im out of this world !.

  7. Nekr0n35 says:

    wow 480p realy hurts, get on some HD version guys.

  8. so nothing really don't dies, the body goes back where it came even your soul, the breath of God, me and the father are one

  9. I love this it touch everything I'm me, even all the pain I went through here on this earth, I guess when I die that when I begin living ,everything has a connection, even with the God's, and he breath into man nostrils and became a living soul

  10. how will the moment be , if i leave this live?

  11. yücel ayata says:

    herseyini yitirmis , hayattan bu beklentisi kalmamis olumu bekleyen bi insan canlaniyor gozumde bu muzigi dinlerken

  12. The arrivals Brought me here

  13. Don Johnson says:

    This always floors me. I have to take a nap after I hear it. Mansell is an incredible composer. BRB nap time.

  14. Brett Wilson says:

    I'm enjoying this in the meantime, which is being real mean. Curse you time

  15. Aly Hamouda says:

    C trop trop Mais trop j'adore la music. Ca me fais pleure le cœur ❤️. Ca me fais peur de la vie de demain et même temps ca me donne envie d'être fort de frapper frapper pour vivre dans ce monde de merde Fuck the worlds

  16. Mogosejo says:

    Clint Mansell the best, beautiful and unique melody.

  17. Yamen an says:

    illuminati soundtrack

  18. I II says:

    Fucking visionary soundtrack and film. I have to read the graphic novel.

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