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  1. viwinner says:

    Yeah I agree the best bomb laying team/bomb disposal are busy finding spots that are vulnerable all they need is some brainwash Al Queda patsy to blame it on Iran.

  2. Make of David Icke what you will but on this topic it's rather undeniable this is what's going on.
    It's encouraging to see so many people starting to wake up.

  3. theSPUDereHD says:

    Well, actually he does believe that. If you actually know anything about this guy, you would know that he's mad. Fact of the matter is, I am happy, but also sickened that so many people can be indoctrinated so easily, especially in the Western world. You are told to question everything, yet you don't question the sources that you gather your information from, only mainstream media and the government. Also, don't take any vaccines – I hope it works out for you….

  4. lufcbrice says:

    so are russia and china aware of the new world order agenda?

  5. Star Buddha says:

    David icke is a compassionate genius.

  6. jaychar1979 says:

    The government or the elite will make u think he is mad but he is talking about real things wake up

  7. jaychar1979 says:

    Dam poor kid had his face blown off god help us as we suffer plz god

  8. I knew something was wrong with the 9/11attacks immediately after G.W Bush put the blame on the Mid East. I just didn't want to sound like an asshole but, surely enough, more people started saying it out loud.More people now than ever before are saying it was a setup, which occurred just so we'd support a war against religion, race and resources. It's a colonialist agenda revamped. The first dosage of this happened to the Indians. A sovereign nation who didn't see it coming. Arabs, please learn.

  9. I mean IRAN, please be ready. Arabia seems to think America is a friend so, I have no advice for fools. However, Iran might stand a chance since their president is actually AWARE of the Zionist problem and is making efforts to defend his nation. There's at least some hope there because of the leader.

  10. Star Buddha says:

    Dude. look around you!!! THEY DEFINE YOUR REALITY!! wake up

  11. Star Buddha says:

    Are you just plain stupid or did the school system damage your brain perhaps?

  12. theSPUDereHD says:

    Really…? Really…? You actually believe that the world's leaders are lizard aliens? And you think that that is a logical argument? Because i'm sure all the scientists of the world would TOTALLY agree with you there…

  13. Star Buddha says:

    Really? REALLY? You actually believe everything scientists says? they are controlled puppets. ofc they will disagree… Homo Stupido 🙂

  14. theSPUDereHD says:

    But scientists are taught to disagree with each other, the reason for their existence is to explore the 'why's' and 'how's' of everything – including other scientists work! What Icke is saying may be interesting, but it's clearly nonsense. The very idea that the world's leaders are lizard-aliens must seem, at least, a bit absurd to you?

  15. Star Buddha says:

    Well yes its disturbing. but alot of evidence points to that it may be true. Read about the sumerians and the anunnaki's. Peace

  16. theSPUDereHD says:

    Lol, you can find evidence to back up almost anything, but I will try and read articles on them. Peace from me too 🙂

  17. DAVID EVANS says:

    so folks whats the plan of action ? lol what are we doing about this ? you can bet the superrich are prepared for this ! what about the normal working class man do we have a plan ? ''think we need a plan''

  18. whats up with the Obama advertisement? fuck the Obama agenda….

  19. AHLE SUNNAH says:

    if so many non muslims know 911 7 7 is inside job why do the non muslims continue to insult muslims,why dont they turn there anger towards western governments.

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