DOCUMENTARY lit – Barack Obama and the Illuminati Exposed


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  1. Love All says:

    How did you obtain this information. Why hasn't it been revealed to other Godly prophets? America is in the bible as the little horn that broke off from England. We're about 50 days from January 1, 2017. So far everyone that's been setting these dates to world events have been wrong. Your information is incorrect for your claim of your studies of the bible. Mystery Babylon is most likely in Greece because if you read the location of mystery Babylon you would see that it couldn't be the u.s. Christians read the prophecy yourself in particular the location of mystery babylon.

  2. Love All says:

    I see this guy only has 7 subscribers, that speaks volumes about this false prophet. I watched about 15 minutes of this video but I am almost certain that he's selling something. I turned it off.

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