History Channel – secrets societies – part 5



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  1. Has anyone realized that when you call something a conspiracy theory, you are calling it a theory? A theory is something that can be confirmed or denied so until then, it is in the realm of possibility.

  2. I live in the Netherlands…so the guy who made this group lives here? I should pay him a visit

  3. swinescales says:

    I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist myself, but if you get together with the world's captain's of industry, media moguls, heads of State and what not – all their great ideas and good intentions mixed with power they have, are enough to set in motion laws that become oppressive years later. And the fact the UN does exist, not as a body of treaties and peaceful countries in trade and exchange, but a governing body with it's own global directives, just reconfirms that something is wrong with this shit.

  4. eyeCU13 says:

    @aviles1323 free America, really?
    Have you heard the phrase: "none is more hopelessly enslaved, than the one who believes he is free"

  5. when injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty….It's not wrong to create peace in turbulent times…but the method which you apply that matter and theirs is just wrong

  6. eyeCU13 says:

    @TheOioink That's a very mature discussion you're trying to start here, you dumb troll. Your lack of basic respect (and basic grammar) are a clear reflection of your pathetic, little life. Retards like you deserve everything that happens to them.

  7. eyeCU13 says:

    @TheOioink I would rather fist your mother, but then again my fist would get infected! You know, from her many years as a cheap slut? Now we also gotta thank the bitch for bringing another miserable bastard like you into this world, so he can post garbage on the internet.

  8. power to the people. the hell with a secret society and the history channel.


  10. N00bcrunch3r says:

    A conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory? Odd!

  11. One Ring to rule them all and in the Darkness, Bind Them.

  12. Ellasings7 says:

    Very true! He (Daniel Pipes and the red head dude)
    must be paid by the Bilderbergs to lie! Lie big time!
    People need to wake up! Smell the coffee, everything
    is not all Hollywood, and why should we allow ourself
    to be lied to us and think for us! We only have ourselves
    to blame for rejecting "true and factual proof". Information
    is out their , we just have to see how important it is for those
    of us not sleeping!

  13. Ellasings7 says:

    I have conducted knowledge on my own, without all
    the video displays of this subject! There are books
    and other sources to proove this society is very real
    and truly cares nothing about humanity! It's all about
    money, power and control! They know a lot of people
    are sleeping on truth and factual knowledge, so they
    (U.S. governement and world government), can fool
    those not ready or too afraid of the truth behind the
    lies! Physical signs are also around about the Mason

  14. Ellasings7 says:

    As a christian woman and mother, it is the duty of
    the chrtistian community to remain wide awke to
    the deception of the enemy (Satan). Jesus tells us
    to be awake and not afraid! Jesus is Lord and our
    protection, trust in him and he will never let you
    down! Jewish people I am quite sure have this
    same knowledge in the Torah! Stay in the word
    of God and you will be saved! Without Jesus
    and the Holy Spirit, there is no protection! Not
    trying to be judgemental, just facts and proof!

  15. I admire Secret Societies!

  16. Peter Eaters says:

    satan is better than god, because, bad people go to hell, satan punishes those bad people, therefore satan is good. and god sits back and watches all this stuff go on in the world.

  17. jay max says:

    Both interviewed immediately at the end of this video are Jewish. They are the ones allowed to give the videos final message. And how does their message differ from the evidence throughout the video? It totally discounts all rational evidentiary information…. hmmmm that’s odd. Exactly who I wonder makes up the majority of participants in said conspiracies? Hahaha No wonder they can control the world with such ease.

  18. jay max says:

    They can feed us this disinformation video and we don’t even realize that its disinformation. What a joke.

  19. Flea Say says:

    Crazy people here

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