Illuminati Freemason III New World Order 2012 Part 5.avi



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  1. Great video. Keep up the fight to spread the truth.

  2. @rockstarMileyCyrus What if this "illuminati" is something to distract us from something bigger? soime thing WAY more secretive? like steve jackson? how did he know that japan is going to be struck? could he be hiding something more secretive like AY MORE DANgewrous?

  3. What if you haven't learned a thing while watching these videos. There is nothing more secretive than this. Watch the videos Jesuits, Illuminati and Occult Doctrines here on you tube and you'll see the big picture. I also like the documentaries produced by prisonplanet and infowars – don't subscribe to them tho or you could get on some anti-government list. I also enjoy watching Walter Veith at AmazingDiscoveries.TV – Total Onslaught series in Bible Controversies section. He lays it all out.

  4. @TubbyPeter0505 – read my post below or above. What if?

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