Minecraft | WHO’S YOUR DADDY? President Edition: Donald Trump World War 3! (Whos Your President)


Minecraft has a new creation and this is the Who’s your Daddy game recreated into minecraft. The Baby stops at nothing to reach its inevitable death with all …


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  1. BOOOO Donald Trump

  2. what mod is that missile

  3. Donald trump sucks! Clinton rules!

  4. Boo I hate trump

  5. Renny H says:

    Is this the real pikalus?

  6. zarevni says:

    It's fake but Ilike fake thiegs

  7. zarevni says:

    I like it Professor

  8. ARE YOU VOTING FOR THAT BABY??!?!?!?! WELL -donald trump- YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Emma Smith says:

    If you hate trump give this a thumbs up

  10. Emma Smith says:

    What professor did to the White House is exactly what trump is going to do to the United States

  11. Eddie Faust says:

    the kraken kid is giong to kill arenal you girlfrined in minecraft cody the king from atlants he eacape from the kraken kid and he toke codys youtube chaneal aka he change codys password.

  12. save cody he is at the kraken kids have he has just scaled and he is coming to you

  13. Mike Shaw says:

    howcome wwe downt see the blue hulk any more

  14. Wolfjr123 Jr says:

    lilor if our moms is coming home shell Be thier

  15. Can you please do a who's your daddy store

  16. He screams like a girl that makes it funny

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