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The new world order , anonymous is all of us , it’s your turn to wake up . Do that and maybe , our children will be free. If we will not be slaves forever . As one voice …


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  1. The reason government exists is to give the masses an escape from responsibility. Most people don't want to be responsible.

  2. Paws4Mercy says:

    How do we go to the bank and use our debit cards and still look our kids and grandkids in the eye? 

  3. Mike Meester says:

    Ho is the man that does the speech @ 2.24.40 ?

  4. I thought Anonymous was all for Obama and what he stood for. why don't you experts go find out what this phony fraud traitor is hiding, we all know his BC is forgery, his SS belongs to somebody else, his civil service card is a forgery . 

  5. eugene bell says:

    Well I agree, except the question does cross my mind, if China, a country that is authoritarian were to invade, would we as an organized citizenry with no military be able to go out and meet the threat effectively?  But, hey, they are going to confiscate the country anyway, we owe them more money than we can pay back.  Dumb question.


  7. maggie1715 says:

    oops forgot to add the welfare payments to the poorest Americans. that's about 20,000 a year. oops/

  8. ClocksR1 says:

    How do guns get brought up. It's obvious we have a problem with gun violence. It's the worst in the world. Worried about taking your guns?? LMAO they have bigger guns, tanks, choppers, planes.

  9. Efren Arizpe says:

    Do not call them illuminati better call them stupidetti

  10. hogsbelly63 says:

    Ok, I'm awake; have been for some time. If you lot are so damn smart, why don't you take on the monsters in control? I'd really like to see 'some real' evidence for a change. I don't want yet MORE propaganda – which is what I seem to be listening to right now – i.e., loud music track distracting from the reverb-soaked, barely discernible commentary! And – you seem to be shouting at me??? Same tactics used by the filth guys. Instead of planting useless trojans, viruses, etc., on ordinary people's Pc's ( a sort of Daish publicity stunt – without the brutality/beheadings and sheeit) how about bringing down the controllers? You know who I mean, right? Get seriously busy, I might actually start believing. Till then, I'll continue to watch Max Keiser. He actually tells it at it is. End of.

  11. hogsbelly63 says:

    Nobody ever says – if they are watching us so intently – then we we will watch them! What goes around, etc. They are elected to serve – not control!

  12. that anarchy part is a lie. I just can`t believe she is so sure, my mind hurts watching her . And yes, people are not good in general.

  13. Greg S says:

    Usury at it's finest. The money changers must be subdued.

  14. stealthhumor says:

    This video is not persuasive to show that anarchy is more functional than our current plutocracy or any other government or absence of government attempted throughout history. The presentation is simplistic in the extreme, and is reminiscent of the last time we tried the anarchy model — the stone age.

  15. tomKHK74 says:

    and if i live on moon ?

  16. wh4t says:

    "Get payed" rofl gr8 video for comedy

  17. If the federal reserve is so corrupt, then how come the politicians does not realize this? Or if they do, how come they do not get rid of it? because it seems that we are digging ourselves a deeper graveyard.

  18. rolo says:

    I support the Anonymous, their expertise helps to warn us for the global plan of destruction. But warning people, demonstrating doesnt prevent anything from stop happening. Wars are still being fought, poverty ,fraude bankers, politics Mindgames are still happening. The only way to overcome and change everything is to learn and live the Truth of Life because it will change yourself, your inner environment. The Truth explains the Big Picture of Life in every facet. It is the Ultimate Truth backed (100% evidence).Google TruthContest read Present

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