Putin: US / NATO is irreversibly pushing the world towards nuclear war


RI website https://www.russia-insider.com/en Translation Inessa S https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeix8jbmQnS6FprsJIsjVyQ Russian President Vladimir …


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  1. Eric Blair says:

    Bless Putin, may he keep Russia and Russians safe from US terrorists.

  2. MultiBrko says:

    West is a fucking loosers a losers they lost

  3. Putin is so right its not even funny.

  4. The Jewish pushing for war all the time they keep you in the dark with there media there news there newspapers

  5. America needs to be destroyed. Its the only way the rest of the world can live in peace. Look how fukd up this world is since 9/11 and their aggressive policy of constant war and fear! If you Americans don't stand up against your gov on this one, you deserve all that's coming!! Pity the rest of us will suffer through it too :(

  6. Even the Queen of England was rumoured to say she'll get the fuck out of the UK before war breaks out. It's real folks.

  7. Putin is a good man.

  8. Any Rebel says:

    Trump is our only hope

  9. Robin Hood says:

    WW3 America will be destroyed, there is no scenario where Russia won't be able to fire massive salvos of strategic weps at US cities where 80% of the population lives. You deserve what's coming, you really do. If you vote Clinton, you've just voted to commit suicide.

  10. Dan Walter says:

    We can not even get our FBI to make the proper recommendations against a known corrupt politician. How in the hell can any average American understand what is going on when it comes to these affairs? We have our media lying to us 24/7. We have the White House full of shit as well.. just more lies. And here we have PM Putin. It's nearly impossible, if not impossible, to determine who is telling the truth. But, you'll see a lot of knee-jerking going around on these matters.

  11. Lavalambtron says:

    Problem is the west is used to win even when it uses dirty tactics that come back to haunt them like in afghanistan training the mujahideen and now syria (isis?), two world wars won, the ussr extinguished, several middle eastern and european dictators removed, so western elites won't give up so easily on both syria and ukraine I predict, but hopefully things don't get any worse.

  12. S Moosa says:

    Isnt he supposed to be the bad guy?? This is so confusing. US are world saviors that bring democracy and macdonalds- i just want a Big Mac and want to watch kim, kanye and caitlyn jenner. Is that too much to ask now???

  13. Imlerith says:

    What did you expect from nazi america you all do know america helped hitler escape to south america and faked his death right?

  14. james ohara says:

    The only person I hear threatening Nuclear war is Mr.putin!.

  15. marvinc999 says:

    Mature political analysts, such as Paul Craig Roberts and Joel Skousen are ABSOLUTELY right: Evil HAS taken command of the power centres of the West (or 'Organised Evil' – in Joel Skousen's telling phrase.)

    And that Evil is PROJECTED, of course, onto any national leader foolish enough to stand up to the bastards who have taken over the Anglo-American Alliance, NATO, the State Dept etc etc.

    Hillary Clinton's ABSURD decription of Putin as 'the new Hitler' is a CLASSIC
    example, of course (Pot – Kettle – Black).

    I'm VERY conservative by nature (and loathe ALL forms of collectivism) – but Vladimir Putin is the ONLY national leader I would trust right now, frankly.

    We in the UK have taken the first step – but ONLY the first step – in slowing down, and (one hopes) eventually stopping the NWO Archons in their tracks (something to which MOST electors are still oblivious, of course).

    Obviously, MUCH more needs to be done………and the 'awakened' Across the Pond PRAY that our American Cousins choose the Lesser over the Greater Evil this November: it COULD be the most important decision they ever make……………for ALL of us !

    Vaya con Dios

  16. Russia has nuclear power can destroy the earth 3 times

  17. MrZash says:

    I'm only 28 and I'm ready for the nukes to drop. Hurry up and do it already so I don't have to listen to my age group bitch anymore. (Oh, and watching Muslims being turned to ash before I do is always a bonus too.)

  18. sean kemet says:

    Putin is a very wise man, so sad how the american people don't have a clue, the bubble they live in is so so so fragile.

  19. scwottful says:

    In the West and US we have no one to compare. He comes across as a serious man dealing with serious issues, actually trying to resolve problems in the best interests of all parties. Then take look at our main Politicians , who behave and sound like spoilt psychopathic children, who's sense of self entitlement knows no bounds, these people are going to lead us all into a hell we can not survive. Maybe we should have all Politicians hooked up to lie detectors and constantly monitored.

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