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  1. LMAO, the opening..what the f just happened?

  2. +A Call For An Uprising I'm not intimidated by your yelling, it just gets annoying to listen to when it's on almost every single video. Just because some people don't dig the anger in your voice doesn't make them a fake or watered down Christian. Easy on the broad strokes there dude…don't rag on people who take the time to listen to your videos, like, subscribe, and share them :/. Pride is a huge sin which you just stated yourself, hopefully you're not too prideful for constructive criticism.

  3. DanC AlanB says:

    Hamilton was financed by the Rothschilds. He established the Bank of the United States (BUS) after the revolution which was under European banker control. He was shot by Aaron Burr because Hamilton was sabotaging his career which was positioned against a central bank not in control of the America people. Burr challenged him to a duo. Andrew Jackson brought the money back to the people.

  4. jake h says:

    can the non believers admit that a racial agenda is being pushed?

  5. The bible states that when they announce worldwide peace and security then sudden destruction will be upon them.

  6. I LOVE YOUR PRESENTATION AND PASSION!!!!! I totally understand and agree with your passion about your topics. You are WAKING US UP and I FOR ONE AND THANKFUL TO GOD for using you to WAKE US UP!!!!!! Keep these video's coming because I AM LEARNING what to look for and I am learning how to be AWARE. Your work is NOT in vein because I constantly try to awaken others close to me as well. I don't care what they think when I tell them because once you say something to someone – they are responsible for what they hear! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for sharing your knowledge and understanding because IT WOKE ME UP! God Bless You Always!!!!

  7. can i ask who the 3 women in the beginning of the graphics? I assume Michelle Obama, Hillary and ??? have no idea… thought maybe Katy Perry but not like she is that high up… like queen of england or madonna or nicki minaj or beyounce…???

  8. Jason Dotson says:

    This guy is the one who's lost. Christians who judge others based on their beliefs or sexual preferences. Life is a test. We are all equal part God. God is all life together as one focused force of love. Not judgemental hypocrites. It's a trinity. Positive. Negative and Neutral energy. Where do Christians get their information ? A book that's wrote by men. The same men he talks about. The elite who control us. They do this to disguise neutral energy as positive. Telling people all that's required is to confess your sins and believe in a certain person. Jesus never said that. Jesus said he is but one of many ways to god because god is within you. All the good intentions in the world are useless without action. The bad things going on today we are equally to blame. The same way in which you create your dream we all collectively create this world. To pass this test we must unite and live in peace and harmony with all of nature. When you "die" without passing the test you simply come back to try again. The reason most people are clueless to this is due to the heavy consumption of toxins such as Hydrofluosilicic acid which is a powerful neurotoxin byproduct left when refining crude oil into gasoline. It's in water and most food across the globe. It inhibits your brain function by way of enzymes in your stomach called mao inhibitors. They block your brain's pineal gland from producing DMT. The us gov say dmt is a class one narcotic yet it's made inside you and all life even plants and soil. We the resent presence of aluminum in our soil some say comes from chemtrails is not naturally occurring so someone is putting It there. The highest levels found were on Mt Shasta at 60,000 ppm. This is causing the plant life to stop producing dmt. Funny how Monsanto's GMO plants are aluminum resistant and don't make dmt. You can repair your brain two ways. One. You grow all your own food and drink clean water purified through reverse osmosis or a quick but temporary fix which will let you realize the truth. An maoi inhibitor found only in the cappi vine of south America. The maoi counteracts the mao allowing your brain to function properly and create dmt. Then you'll have the answers. I've met Jesus face to face. Your eyes are electromagnetic wave sensors. They only pick up on a tiny percentage of the waves. DMT opens them up so you can see more of the light spectrum. Jesus never left this world. He's just on a higher frequency. So is everyone that's ever lived. Life is eternal. So the bright side for all the lost ones like the Christians is that you'll get unlimited chances to try again. Luckily after this life I'm moving on to better worlds where from this perspective you would call it heaven. Jesus also has a wife. Mary Magdalen which king James calls a whore. She's no whore. She wrote an entire book in the original dead sea scrolls which was later adapted and changed to the bibles of today. Wake up. Or go back to sleep. At least I can say I tried so once I'm on a higher level I won't feel guilty for not trying. I did my part. Peace and Love my brother's and sister's of earth. No one can ever judge you or limit you except you. 

  9. Rob Shawe says:

    "Universal love" , "Universal bullshit"

  10. Mr. X says:

    The love analysis is of course both brilliant and not difficult to grasp. Thank you. I'll add to that analysis by stating that this is now used as an aggressive attack, not defensive to support this mantra that anyone against "love" in a form other than what is logically and traditionally understood is a hater since love can never be wrong. Unfortunately, they got the youth since Millennials are the most ignorant generations ever produced.

    The real problem is they got a majority of these stupid women walking around who first bought into feminism. Which leads to my personal main point. Women are the primary group who are leading this charge and have since the onset of feminism. It is women who have through their push for equality that started to change the paradigm. It is white women, especially WASP's who are the single largest beneficiary of affirmative action by a huge gap. Black and Latino Females and Males way behind white women in terms of affirmative action gains.

    These women then overtook our educational system, our business HR areas, and got entrenched into our political systems and then got duped into incorporating the liberal progressive changes.
    The also got duped into the idea that LGBT rights were no different than their women's rights or black civil rights. Why? Because women are stupid. All of the systems I mentioned that they were allowed to permeate led to the forwarding of manipulations and machinations of the emasculation of men into gay, bi and or beta-males and the continuing attempts towards the elimination of the biggest enemy to Satan, the God conscious Alpha male.

    Make no mistake, women have caused more harm to our Christian society than all the special interest and terrorist groups combined. They are the special interest groups. The children birthed of Feminism are: LGBT rights, Civil Rights, Immigration amnesty, Muslim immigration, idiot Millennials, BLM, Black Panther Party, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Elaine Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Gays all over television and media and of course emasculated beta-males just among a few. The love argument mentioned is utilized to protect all of this today.

    I don't have the time to go further. But I implore you to think and understand that it is feminists and idiot women who are destroying our country and our world. I personally call for the re-subjugation of women, they should be stripped of any and all power outside of the home. Amen

  11. black clown? why were you careful not to name a white clown? you may be a racist and asleep!!!

  12. I support you on what you are sharing and support by watching the ads.

  13. tj leonard says:

    I'm tired of the race wars. God loves everyone we need to be more like Christ. Don't listen to the media news or tv that use mind control and want a one world order and martial law. God Bless great video. Have a glorious joyful blessed life.

  14. Lara O'neal says:

    Why could we not enter comments on ur previous video on KILLARY on Ellen degenerate show. It is out of control how just EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS OK. PC PRISON SO U CANT CRITICIZE ANYTHING. I love ur site. I love your passion and brutal right on TRUTH TELLING. Keep up the Godly great work. God. Bless and keep you.

  15. Greg Urbanek says:

    Thanks for bringing up the "Jesus Is Love" saying. I can recall that campaign as a child. The Christian's response was; " Jesus(He) Is So Much More Than That".

  16. Sda Chik says:

    here's whats scary to me…it makes perfect truthful sense that Jesus is being edged out…but what does that mean beyond Bible thumping 'Xian-blaming, satan-shaming, gender-banging and ' Other'-hating ? it seems more about Who we worship,ie., what day we worship. Try telling your boss you won't work saturday, the 4th commandment …and watch what happens ( harsh reality that it's not okay to honor sat over sun). The only protestant church left is SDA. Every other protestant denom has capitulated to the Roman Catholic universalist mentality of 2017 when we all become 1.

  17. They also exposed the new world order in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  18. Jesus Christ says it VERY clear…Matthew 10:34
    "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword" That sword is the word of God. EVERYTHING that those Hollywood people do is very against the word of God.

  19. andrika1990 says:

    I keep trying to tell people. now they just don't get it…..sigh lost world….

  20. I want to hear you… keep me from falling asleep again! Thank you brother!

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