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(2017) INSANE FILM New World Order Exposed: Bilderberg the Bilionaire Boys Club


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  1. (2017) BANNED DOCUMENTARY: BILDERBERG: The Bilionaire Boys Club! WW3 PLANS


  3. Stan Dalby says:

    So what are we going to do about it all ?

  4. as Henry Ford once quoted if the working class ever knew how our financial system works there would be a revolution by morning unquote.

  5. Occhi Blu says:

    The guy speaking at 4:10 is an idiot. Corporations who conspire to govern sovereign countries w/$$$, essentially buying off politicians is a conspiracy. It is one group of people governing one world w/their one world company

  6. Banned documentary with commercials …What a jew prick you are

  7. Traci Noble says:

    lol, documentary banned yet here it is in YouTube…lmao.
    y'all didn't think that title through now huh?

  8. Thad Nipper says:

    Here's an idea kill them all seize their assets and liquidate them then distribute equally their money and make every man woman and child a millionaire.

  9. all I can say is if it's banned why is it on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter they don't bad things dumbass this ain't freaking China

  10. When would this fucking slavish soldiers and police turn against the sociopathic scum they serve?!?! How are these spineless worms sleeping at night after serving monsters!!!

  11. sarah sarah says:

    lol BANNED but here it is….lol

  12. Pam Rue says:

    evil world take over.monopoly

  13. ………………………………

  14. Knowing their own Biblical fate and outcome, they come together to plot against the Most High. And they realize not the futillity of such an endeavour in all their carnality.

  15. Mattdupclose says:

    If this guy does not think that there is an agenda of the Bilderberg group, he's so blind. Why else would you have the highest level of media involved (Peter Jennings and others), and google and facebook? Google and facebook are able to provide information to those involved and the media is to sway people thoughts one way or another

  16. None of these films are from 2017 so why keep putting it on your videos its fucking anoying .

  17. GonG108 says:

    very well done , sadly this is our future and it is called the New World Order , we face towards a one world gov and we will loose our cash , we will get chipped and made calm slaves of the global system , that is vey sad but i have watched it over the years and the NWO is realizing one project after another , i doubt that Trump will not play their game .
    we simply have a war , it is rich against poor , the rich ones are winning ( Warren Buffet said that , it´s his quote ) ( what is insane is that they are only a few we are 99 % )

  18. GonG108 says:

    absolutely right , we need two different euros , a strong one build for the economic strong nations and a second based on the economy of the weaker nations and then we can start to work towards a big union but with same market rules in each member country , you can´t have different economies and one currency , this concept does not work , the crypto currencies are a good alternative way but not as a single one , we have to keep our cash

  19. GonG108 says:

    off course there are no more 9/11 like attacks and there are none needed , look at the world could it get worse ?

  20. GonG108 says:

    gut erklärt , well explained

  21. Incognito says:

    The guy in the white shirt with black twirls is a lie bag he is such an idiot if he thinks that is what goes on behind the closed doors.

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