The Great Culling: The Truth About Our Water Full Documentary



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  1. Joy Handy says:

    Know what really tastes bad…..nuclear waste water. In 5th grade when we were stuck in Barnwell SC, we had to injest water that had the nuke plant leaking into it. The plant said to just boil the water. My folks couldn't afford bottle water. When the water was faint yellow like parchment, it tasted really bad and smelled like a room full of perms and wet dogs combo. When the water was a faint aqua color, it didn't smell as strong, or taste as bad. Either way it caused the runs, hair falling out, and when you had to heal a sore, the skin would stay mushy and not want to connect. Years later, I'm okay, but my brother is sterile.

  2. While they are adding it to the water why not put birth control and Prozac.
    Maybe next year.. Jeez

  3. It is like loading a pistol with 6 bullets. and pointing at the target..for 40 years.
    One day it may be necessary to pull the trigger when the time is right to obliterate the whole population. Talk about a eugenics ? Oops sorry . Made a mistake and killed the whole city.

  4. 95% of people are fucking RETARDED.

  5. yeah its so banned that its right here and youtube has not taken it down yet after nearly a month LOL, fucking clickbait

  6. 2012 says:

    bin ladden is but a new born compared to the US Government

  7. 2012 says:

    the great desinger needs to come down and stomp some heads

  8. I am delighted to have received this important video. We have 71% compulsory artificial water fluoridation in Ireland and many people don't know this. It began in 1965 officially and sadly we are ingesting industrial grade, contaminated and unlicensed toxic chemicals in our tap water since that time. A doctor could not do what the 1960 Irish fluoridation law is doing to its population and that is wrong. When a law is unsound, it has to stop and be repealed. I see this happening in Ireland in the future. I see a day when the artificial water fluoridation tap which adds 730,000 gallons a year to Ireland's public water pipe network, will be switched off, and our people, animals, fish, aquatic life, and ecosystem will get a break from this unconscionable toxic burden policy which is over 50 years too long. fluoridefreewaterireland

  9. L. J.P. says:

    Nobody wants to drink water from tap,.its gross..I boil water for my cat..put it away for few days,.Make new stuff..But long ago knew water is bad, and dangerous..Hard to find good food,.

  10. Cee Dee says:

    Nothing will happen. This will not change. The powers that be are trying
    to keep us sick to give us medications. This makes the medical system
    legit. And if they do stop this fluoride they would just do something
    different to make us sick. Endless cycle.

  11. jvisch says:

    Welcome to the conspiracy network, where global conspiracies are revealed. This video just strengthens the argument for fluoride as it just makes things up

  12. AndyB says:

    Always love the "BANNED" tag. Banned by who? Obviously not YouTube.

  13. DOFA says:

    Companies banned together, to poison you.

  14. roxie morgan says:

    Thank You so much. I am keeping this for a reference please, Thanks. Keep talking. God Bless All.

  15. Richard Sher says:

    Costa Rica adds fluoride to the salt and to the water. All bottled water sold in Costa Rica has fluoride. Other than that it can be a pretty cool place to live.

  16. what a lovely place ;} idiots on every corner

  17. t.f. hill says:

    call Bill Kannon 586-468-8338 Please let me know !!!

  18. Thank that was a wake up call that I needed, let us fight back and get rid off Fluoride

  19. Gordon says:

    Can anyone answer this question for me.
    They say nearly EVERYTHING we eat and everything we drink, contains some level of fluoride. How can we as humans, an organic organism, avoid something that has been poisoning us since the late 40's. We're embarking the 2nd decade of the 21st century. So my question is if we can't stop it, how can we avoid it?

    I think we're facing a Psychological Manipulation, here in North America.

  20. beaconrider says:

    Next you are going to tell us that the truth about water is that it's wet.

  21. Rita Stewart says:

    Thank you! Passing it to my entire circle of influence! — Love and Light!

  22. lucky charm says:

    most of province of ontario still uses Flouride in its tap water, nice to hear Calgary took out flouride in its water.

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