A Latest Journey Back to Aliens Planet – Full Documentary Movies 2016 HD


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12 Responses

  1. Gamez says:

    Let me think of a joke.


  2. Vegan Pala says:

    we are small and insignificant.maybe we will evolve someday.we are still primitive beings,because we eat solid food.

  3. Praamsaga says:

    Not only life, but intelligent life is abundant throughout the cosmos. Everywhere you see light, there also you will find life teaming in every color of the spectrum.

  4. Steve J says:

    It aggravates me when they call a gas giant a planet! Gas Giants are not solid like the earth is. Gas Giants are and never will be able to provide life on its surface so……. Stop calling them planets ALREADY!! just call them gas Giants…,……. Mars has a solid surface and way more able to provide right conditions for life which we know it can't now but …… You could build domes and wander Mars in a space suit but not on a Gas giant. I think there is much more info out there than scientist and the government is telling us anyways.

  5. This is outdated and falsely labeled as new. Not cool.

  6. BE HONEST says:

    Dishonest, misleading title. This is not from 2016. The program—"The Universe: Alien Planets" is from 2007.

  7. J Olar says:

    this is old and not 2016

  8. John Smith says:

    im so sick of these documentaries making up b/s calling it facts: guesses stacked on speculation soaked in cartoons amounts to b/s

  9. Trosssc2 says:

    Indian call center documentary spam?

  10. that's not a 2016 documentary. Idiot!

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