A Must Watch – The Arrivals – (PT36) The Story of Jesus


The arrivals series is a great production made by youtube users noregaaa Achernahr. http://www.youtube.com/user/noreagaaa …


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  1. Wijdan says:

    wheres the sound?

  2. FcukingMugs says:

    bastard youtube have taken the sound from all the clips on pt 36!

    Zionist scums!

  3. fawkUtube says:

    youtube staff can suck a fawkin dick

    upload on Liveleak . com

    fawk these censorshiping assholes

  4. Zach Berg says:

    why the fuck they removing sounds

  5. Rob187ok says:

    See, "the new age infultration of the truth movement" if you want to know what's really going down.

  6. cowleshome says:


    jk hehe i'll just learn this language to understand the lie that Jesus is fake?

  7. now my faith to jesus christ are more stronger…thankz to the almighty god the father of jesus for giving me a better understanding to not to belive whoever made up this story.but i know what is the religion of this satan angel!

  8. @guilleman9 how this person who made thi8s video about horus or korus whatever…please don't plug your religion if this person is athiest i will believe a bit..but this kind of propaganda 1000 percent lie!!!!

  9. guilleman9 says:

    @lepainquotidien05 well it is not propaganda… look for the definition of that word pls. No they are not athiest at all, my religion is with G-d almighty not with men, this series you have to look them from the beginning and purpose of this series is to warn you about the NWO, break paradigms, and to make u think for yourself… that is why i uploaded here… i do not belong to any religion but im in the search of the light of G-d.

  10. guilleman9 says:

    @lepainquotidien05 oh and btw here they are debunking the zeitgeist version of Jesus, where as far as u can see is a way to destroy him. But is impossible for the ones of great faith.

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