America Shamed Again: A colonized people


Paul Craig Roberts

Americans have been shamed many times by their elected representatives who cravenly bow to vested interests and betray the American people. But no previous disgraceful behavior can match the public shame brought to Americans by the behavior of the Senate Republicans in the confirmation hearing of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

America Shamed Again A colonized people

Forty Senate Republicans made it clear that not only do they refuse to put their service to America ahead of their service to Israel, but also that they will not even put their service to America on a par with their service to Israel. To every American’s shame, the Republicans demonstrated for all the world to see that they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby. (The Israel Lobby is not their only master. They are also owned by other powerful interest groups, such as Wall Street and the Military/Security Complex.)

The most embarrassing behavior of all came from the craven Lindsay Graham, who, while in the act of demonstrating his complete subservience by crawling on his belly before the Israel Lobby, dared Hagel to name one single person in the US Congress who is afraid of the Israel Lobby.

If I had been Hagel, I would have written off the nomination and answered: “You, Senator Graham, and your 40 craven colleagues.”

Indeed, Hagel could have answered: The entire US Congress, including Rand Paul who pretends to be different but isn’t.

The real question is: Who in the Congress is not afraid of the Israel Lobby?

The hatchet job on Hagel is driven by fear of the Israel Lobby.

Perhaps the worst affront Israel’s American representatives ever inflicted on the US military was the coverup of the Israeli air and torpedo boat attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. The Israeli attack failed to sink the Liberty but killed and wounded most of the crew. The survivors were ordered to silence, and it was 12 years before one of them spoke up and revealed what had happened (James Ennes, Assault On The Liberty). Not even Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could get Washington to own up to the facts.

The facts are now well known, but as far as Washington is concerned they are dead letter facts. The entire event has been moved to some parallel universe.

Why are the Senate Republicans out to destroy Hagel for Israel?

The answer is, first, back when Hagel was a US Senator he refused to be intimidated by the Israel Lobby and declared, “I am a US Senator, not an Israeli Senator.” In other words, Hagel did the impermissible. He said he represented US interests, not Israel’s interests. Hagel’s position implies that the interests of the two countries are not identical, which is a heresy.

The second part of the answer is that Hagel doesn’t think that it is a good idea for the US to start a war with Iran or for the US to permit Israel to do so.

But a US war with Iran is what the Israeli government and its neoconservative agents have been trying to impose on the Obama regime. Israel wants to get rid of Iran, because Iran supports Hizbollah in Southern Lebanon, thus preventing Israel from annexing that territory and its water resources, and because Iran supports Hamas, the only Palestinian organization that tries to oppose Israel’s total theft of Palestine, although Iran has never supplied Hamas with effective weapons.

The two organizations that oppose Israel’s territorial expansion, Hizbollah and Hamas, represent large numbers of Arab peoples. Nevertheless, both are declared, on Israel’s orders, to be “terrorist organizations” by the servile US Department of State, which in all reality should be called the Israeli Department of State, as it never puts US interests before Israel’s.

In other words, Hagel did not grovel. He did not say how much he loved Israel and how it would be his great honor to sacrifice all other interests to Israel’s, how he has waited his entire life for the chance to serve Israel as the US Secretary of Defense.

Hagel is not an opponent of Israel. He merely said, “First, I am an American.” His lack of craven subservience is unacceptable to the Israel Lobby, which has branded him an “anti-semite.”

Lindsay Graham, in contrast, has what it takes to be Israel’s perfect choice for US Secretary of Defense.

Graham will go out of his way to please the Israel Lobby. He will pull out all stops and behave with maximum servility to a foreign power in his effort to embarrass the President of the United States and his nominee, a war veteran and former US Senator who simply thinks that the US Congress and the executive branch should put American interests first.

Senate Majority Leader Reid has used Senate rules to keep Hagel’s nomination alive.
If Lindsay Graham succeeds in doing the Israel Lobby’s dirty work, he will have handed a defeat of the US President to the Israeli Prime Minister, who has demeaned the President of the United States for not doing Israel’s bidding and attacking Iran.

Americans are a colonized people. Their government represents the colonizing powers: Wall Street, the Israel Lobby, the Military/Security Complex, Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Mining, and Timber interests.

Two elected representatives who tried to represent the American people–Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich–found representative government to be an inhospitable place for those few who attempt to represent the interests of the American people.

Like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Gerald Celente, I stand with our Founding Fathers who opposed America’s entanglement in foreign wars. In an effort to prevent entanglements, the Founding Fathers gave the power to declare war to Congress. Over the years Congress has gradually ceded this power to the President to the extent that it no longer exists as a power of Congress. The President can start a war anywhere at any time simply by declaring that the war is not a war but a “time-limited, scope-limited, kinetic military action.” Or he can use some other nonsensical collection of words.

In the first few years of the 21st century, the executive branch has invaded two countries, violated the sovereignty of five others with military operations, and has established military bases in Africa in order to counteract China’s economic penetration of the continent and to secure the resources for US and European corporations, thus enlarging the prospects for future wars. If the Republicans succeed in blocking Hagel’s confirmation, the prospect of war with Iran will be boosted.

By abdicating its war power, Congress lost its control of the purse. As the executive branch withholds more and more information from Congressional oversight committees, Congress is becoming increasingly powerless. As Washington’s war debts mount, Washington’s attack on the social safety net will become more intense. Governmental institutions that provide services to Americans will wither as more tax revenues are directed to the coffers of special interests and foreign entanglements.

The tenuous connection between the US government and the interests of citizens is on its way to being severed entirely.


This article first appeared on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts website. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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11 Responses

  1. ReverseTheIgnorance says:

    If Only Hitler Won World War 2. All this Misfortunes should not be happening today.
    It’s all about Over Population. Enough Said

    • John Cook says:

      i prefer the concept of us, as a society, stopping belief in the phony “Holocaust”. it is that Big Lie that has been massaged into a Guilt syndrome that lets the “Chosen Ones” get away with literal murder.There really is a giant conspiracy its run by the Rothschild (jewish) banks and their private, for profit, country, Israel. They dont regare us Goyim as human, and intend to enslave or exterminate us all.
      If you want to understand their mentality and intentions, look at what Nazi Germany was SUPPOSED to have done, that, via the Opposite Principle indicated the Zionists intentions for us mear Goy.

  2. LornaDoone says:

    Mr Paul G Roberts, you have absolutely no clues about whats happening in the Middle East. You accuse Israel of manipulating the Obama Administration and yet we see Obama supporting Iran against Israel in his speech while he was in Egypt. You certainly haven’t studied the History of Israel at all to understand why the Israeli People are intent on their defence, because its about Survival. Ahmadinegad states many times that he wants Israel blown into the sea and wont rest until that happens. Former head of the PLO Arafat blocked all peace negotiations with Israel. Strange that you didnt mention the 6 day wall eh Roberts? even stranger is that they all LOST against a tiny country. Israel offered them land, they refused because they wanted ALL the Land. because like you Mr Roberts, they do NOT recognize Israel. Here are more facts that you are not aware of: Hezbollah is Iranian, Hamas is Iranian, because they train their men.. Lebanon is not an Arab or Shi’ite country, it is Maronite, Christian, invaded by the Syrians in 1974-5. who get their weapons from the Russians and supply Hezbollah against Israel. The Chinese supply Iran with Weapons against Israel, just as they supply Africans with weapons under the guise of Trade. The Name of the Land is ISRAEL, Palestine does not exist because the Romans and the Philistines plan to wipe Israel into the Sea, FAILED. I suggest that you get your facts right Mr Paul G Roberts, and exit the Land of America because your policies are totally anti-semitic and Anti- American…….Your not part of the solution, your part of the problem, by your fruits, we will know you!

    • John Cook says:

      “LornaDoone” im not going to play the Lawyer Mentality game of debating Israel’s “Right to exist” – it reminds me of arguments about the “Right to Exist” of a Typhus Bacilie.
      Your people are cruel and psychopathic invaders without a shread of an excuse, you are not even connected to the ancient hebrews (being almost ALL Ashkenazi originating in eastern Europe) NOT having ANY genetic link to the people of the bible, even if you accept the rediculous idea that a two thousand year old myth gives Jews a “right” to the land of the Palastinians.
      Also, owing to your hatefull, anti-life Talmud “Holy Book” you, as a culture, are so deeply racist you think non-jews are animals to be killed or exploited at will. There is no place for you in Palastine or any other civilised country. You guys are a disease of civilisation and the cure is coming with the explosion of true knowledge brought about by the internet. The number of people who believe your lies, particularely the “Holocaust”, is collapsing. Good time now to change your name and start hiding your evil heritage my “friend”., before the new Pogroms start…

  3. LornaDoone says:

    It is one thing to identify corruption, It is quite another to attack Israel. According to this author, who has no absolutes on who our allies are, suggests that being a Republican aka conservative means that we abandon friends. Corruption is ramphant globally, that includes Israel, but like our Western countries, we don’t turn our backs on our Nations, we clean out the pollution, and bring back our Laws. Israel is no different, she has to clean house. Those Jews that are corrupt are no different to the corrupt Americans, Canadians, Aussies and such like, We certainly do not turn our backs on our allied Countries. Israel is our greatest alley, because America was instrumental in her return to the Land, alongside Britain, Australia, NZ, Canada, and the Gurkahs, Israel has kept her Mandate, unlike you Mr Paul G Roberts, you encite our Western Countries to abandon the very Country we are destined to Protect. Perhaps you need to read the Mandate to Israel, and understand, that the Arabs dont want Peace, its in her genes and in her History. And as for the downfall of our countries? Point the finger at yourself, because we gave the Corporations/Cabal permission to destroy, by THE VOTE.

  4. The U.S. no longer needs an over sized military industrial complex. High tech has made wars fought with large standing armies obsolete. All that is needed is self defense forces. fought with special operations forces. The military could be down sized by 2/3rds without jeperdising national security. The government would save billions of dollars of taxpayers money. Foreign aid should also be reduced. Fraud, waste, abuse and gross mismangement of entilement programs could be eliminated by reviewing these cases. Everything must be on the table. The size of the government bureaucracy is another thing that should be on the chopping block.

    The congress needs to pass legilation to close the loop holes of these corporations that have moved their manufactuting off shore and put their money in off shore banks to avoid income tax.

    Corporations that manufacture their goods off shore and reintroduce their product back into the U.S. should pay higher taxes and those that manufacture their goods in the U.S. should have lower taxes.

  5. ravenmaven says:

    All 3 branches of our government are rotten to the core.They have been bought and paid for by AIPAC.These acts are treasonous!! This is why we are turning into a police state…they
    are trying to cover their asses by turning us into the gulag.

    • John Cook says:

      re turning into a police state, remember that virtually all police forces are trained by Israeli forces. They are TRAINED to be as brutal and facist as they are now days. Remember YOU are the new (American) Palastinians…

  6. coinherence says:

    Roberts speaks the sobering truth. Most Americans just do not want to face reality–their “leaders” are not serving the interests of the American public–and definitely not serving the interests of white Americans. The Israel lobby, Wall Street, and the MIC are their sugar daddies. And behind it all is the same Money Power outlined in the history of the Rothschilds.

    • John Cook says:

      One correction, for clarity you should have mentioned that the banksters that have us by the balls is the JEWISH Rothschilds, acting for the benefit of their JEWISH “homeland” Israel. It gets clearer and easy to understand if you break the “Anti-Semetic” rules and name names. That is why those “anti-semetic” rules are in place, to hide the reality of a bunch of racists who rule us while thinking we are inferior animals.

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