Ancient Aliens S08E01 Aliens B C – New Documentary 2016


Ancient Aliens S08E01 Aliens B C – New Documentary 2016 Science and mythology – and how they are the same thing.


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  1. M Chambers says:

    Thanks for slowing it down. I hate being able to understand what I'm watching.

  2. Lil Liz says:

    Whats up with the voices?

  3. very informative, Zacheria Stichin, you would be proud.

  4. william fite says:

    Why so secretive ? I would like to see it for myself. What are you trying to hide

  5. Rick Langley says:

    Every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years
    March 29, 2014
    "Most of the world will turn to paganism and bring death to their souls.
    Despite every Intervention by My Father, they will turn the other way.
    This is why My Father promised the world the Book of Truth, the
    unraveling of the Book of Revelation, to save your sorry souls. Man is
    stubborn. Man is proud, vain and the more advances he makes in science
    the less he knows and the more he removes himself from the Truth."

  6. Gregor K says:

    10.000BC is not "early humans" smartass -.-

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