Apocalypse: The Second World War – 3/6 – Shock (1940–1941) HD


The war in the desert , in front of the Yugoslav Battle of Greece and the Battle of Crete , Operation Barbarossa , Battle Battle of Smolensk and Moscow .


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  1. What is the name of the soviet military march, at 21:50?

  2. So… it was winter that saved Russia… both from Napoleon and from Hitler…

  3. joshua mills says:

    The Germans should have known that they couldnt complete the conquest of the ussr in one summer, winter supplies should have been prepared at least, fortification of captured territory in belorussia and the baltics states plus Ukraine might have allowed them to survive the first winter more effectively. With the killing blow coming in 1942.

  4. joshua mills says:

    Siberians in winter warfare were terrifying

  5. how did Germans fuck this up?

  6. UFCMania155 says:

    this is quite possibly one of the most biased, bullshit fucking ww2 "documentaries" ever. it regurgitates the same bullshit lies as the rest of the jew owned mainstream media. Hitler DID NOT WANT WAR with britain. it was britain and france that declared war on him. he simply wanted to rescue his people in poland because over 60,000 ethnic Germans were massacred in the Danzig corridor and all throughout the rest of poland. His real enemy was the commie scum in the east. he didn't give a flying shit about britain, france, the u.s or anyone else in the west

  7. May 21st – the Anniversary of the Battle of Crete
        [Not that it could be any other way but] Thank God there was Great Britain and the USA on the right side during WW2.
    But this; "…We british are no longer alone…" (45:41), is not true. The Greeks fought alone, the Yugoslavs fought alone, etc…. Greece faught alone and suffered MORE human losses in total numbers than the US Army. Greece in percentance of the polulation along with Yugoslavia sufferd the greatest human loses (~12% of the population).
       During WW2 Greece was the only country which faced not one but FOUR armies, all at the same time; Germans, Italians, Bulgarians and Albanians, and was the only country to suffer a triple occupation; Germans, Italians, Bulgarians.

        Yet, Greece managed the 1st Ally massive victory against the Axis in WW2, during the Italo-albanian invasion, defeating them and marched in Albania.  A Greek victory… No ally stepped foot on Greece, until it got liberated (with only exception the battle of Crete).

          We saw in this documentary little Rosie eating a cake, in Greece the Nazis pledged all food reserves, cut food supplying, leaving the greek nation as a whole starve to death, executed 100 greeks for every german death, while the german airforce was bombarding cities and villages to ground zero.

    No doubt the british people suffered too during this war, but what they suffered can't be compared to a triple occupation. The Bulgarians alone conducted even worse atrocities than the Germans.

    And all these while ONLY RECENTLY the germans HEARD of the attrocities conducted in Greece, because the Nazis kept them in secret, the german democratic administrations kept it in secrete too in order to avoid paying restorations for the scorched earth and the hundreds of thousands of dead the Nazis left behind (still to this day they avoid it), and I'm sorry to say that, the allies for their later geostratigical games (with documentaries like this which glorifies only certain aspects of this war), attempted to present the great millitary powers, as the only responsible for the outcome of this war, which is not true.

    Even asshole Hitler himself (1941) recognised the efforts of the greek soldier; "…for the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the greeks, of those who cofronted us, fought with bold courage anf high disregard of death…", to then order the extermination of the greeks.

        '…Until now we used to say that the greeks fight like heroes. Now we shall say; "the heroes fight like greeks…"

    Moscow Radio (when Hitler was attacking the USSR)
           "…You fought alone, small against big… We owe gratitude to the greek people, who gave us time to defend ourselves. As russians and as humans we thak you…"
    [They refer to that the Greek resistance delayed the german attack on USSR, something that even this documentry didn't mention)

    Sir Harold George Alexander (British field Marshal)
          "…We wonder what would be USSR's possition without Greece…"

    Sir Robert Antony Eden (British Minister of War)
               "…Greece gave Moussolini an unforgettable lesson, Greece was the motive of the Yugoslav revoloution, Greece held the Germans in the mainland and Crete for weeks, thus Greece upset the chronological orders of all German High Command's plans, and thus brought a general reversal of the entire war, and we won…"

    and last but not least (among all soviet statements, I choose this)

    Georgy Constantinovich Zhoukov (Field Marshal of the Soviet Army)
    "…if the Russian people managed to raise resistance at the doors of Moscow, to halt and reverse the German torrent, they owe it to the Greek people, who delayed the German divisions, during the time they could bring us to our knees…"

    Duration of Resistance by country (days):
    Greece: 219
    Norway: 61
    France: 43
    Poland: 30
    Belgium: 18
    Holland: 4
    Yugoslavia: 3
    Czechslovakia: 0
    Denamrk: 0

  8. misteraxl1 says:

    Ukrainians didn't change much…nazis then, nazis now…always kiss German ass and get fucked at the end. Same goes for Croatians :)

  9. June28July says:

    I fucking hate it when they talk about Rose: she's three years old, she has no clue what's going on and is oblivious. They should talk about the soldiers, the guys who have bullets constantly whizzing past their heads.

  10. I would like to give a little time to read

    I would like to mention that GREECE in World War II was the only country from all the other who was forced to face the armies of four countries simultaneously Albania Italy Bulgaria Germany, which successfully managed to confront them with bravery. The Italians initially directed from Albania to attack because they considered certain easy victory finally the Greeks managed to beat them and to have caused significant losses so Mussolini tearfully asked for help where Hitler forced him to stop the attack in Russia for weeks . Then the Germans directed by Bulgaria began attacking in GREECE to get Roupel fortress finally the Greeks disadvantages managed to repulse the Nazi who in efforts failed to get them. finally after he finished the ammunition to the Greeks then the Germans sent them to stop program. Germany is landing in Crete missed the biggest losses that has become a battle forcing Hitler not to use paratroopers ever.
    Here is the resistance days in each country
    GREECE = 219
    NORWAY = 61
    france 43 = superpowers of the time
    POLAND = 30
    BELGIUM = 18
    Netherlands = 4
    Czechoslovakia = o
    DENMARK = o

    Total loss from the Greeks to the enemies
    ALBANIA 1165 =
    italy 8000 =
    BULGARIA = 25000
    GERMANY = 50000


    Adolf Hitler

    I must confirm that from all enemies the Greeks fought with the largest courage and was not afraid of death

    Winston Churchill

    If it was the bravery of the Greeks and their courage the outcome of the Second World War will be undetermined

    Winston Churchill

    get used to it to say that Greeks fight like heroes now I will say that heroes fight like Greeks

    Joseph Stalin

    I 'm sorry because they age and will not live long to thank the Greeks whose resistance decided to WWII

    Russian generals Zhukov

    if the Russians managed to resist the doors of Moscow to stop and prevent the German Flounder we owe to the Greeks which delayed the German divisions while could make us kneel

    and many others great leader wrote about GREECE IMPORTANT words because if we are not to delay their enemies and overthrow the plans of Hitler then the victory would be difficult

  11. Peace between All nationss

  12. endorbr says:

    Imagine how the war would have turned out if Hitler hadn't decided so irrationally to invade Russia.

  13. Ukrainians actually worsened due to the crisis that post-War Nazis began again

  14. syd boeing says:

    A lot of people seem to overlook the importance of the Battle of Smolensk in 1941. Even though it was a defeat for the Red Army and VVS, their resistance to the Wehrmacht was so great that the Luftwaffe suffered heavy losses and the German attack on Moscow was delayed by several weeks. Had Smolensk fallen two weeks earlier, the Germans could have made it to Moscow by the end of November.

  15. itsatz says:

    What propaganda bullshit. The Nazi's couldn't advance on Moscow in summer '41. They got a bloody nose at Smolensk, 7/19/41 t0 8/12/41, 250,000 casualties. They were stopped at Kiev. He had to divert Guderian to help in the south before they could  continue. The Nazis were lucky to get as far as they did. They needed a surprise attack in order to invade the USSR and still got annihilated.

  16. In the book "The Clash of Wings", it was revealed that Hitler's original plan for Operation Barbarrossa was to invade Russia on May 21, 1941. And Hitler asked Japan to break her April 1941 non-Agression Pact with Russia and attack Russia from the East, on that SAME day, May 21, 1941. Of all of Hitler's War Plans, this might have worked the best. The Soviet Union was not prepared to fight a 2-front War. The collapse of Russia would have cast a dreadful pall on Britain and America, as Germany would then gobble up all of Russia's vast natural resources: not only Oil, Coal and Iron, but Wheat, Diamonds, Gold, and the rare metals Tungsten and Chrome, needed for Jet Engines. But the Plan breaks down.

    In the most important decision of WW II, Japan says "NO" to the Fuhrer. Despite Hitler's boastfulness (or because of it) he is not very persuasive in coordinating with his Axis Partners.  

    As Russia would not fight on 2 fronts, Japan is not prepared to fight on three fronts, against both Russia and America, while its forces are still fighting China. amazingly, Japan decides it would be easier to attack and at least neutralize America, than it would be to attack Russia in the East, on the SAME day that Hitler attacks her from the West. Japan had defeated Russia in 1905. However, in 1938, Japan had fought some tank battles with Russian troops in Manchuria nad had developed a grudging respect for the Russian soldiers' fighting ability.

    Hitler's plan to defeat Russia might STILL have succeeded IF he had attacked on May 21, 1941, as he had planned. This was glossed over at the 9:23 mark in the video.

    Instead, as British Historian Richard Overy writes in "Why The Allies Won", in April 1941, the British overthrew the pro-Nazi Govt. in Yugoslavia. Hitler had originally decided NOT to invade Greece, hoping that diplomacy would work to get the Greeks on his side. But Mussolini invaded Greece without any coordination with Hitler. The Greeks had just gotten Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1918. And now, 23 years later, another Power tries to conquer them. For those Greeks with a sense of History, it must have seen like Ancient Rome was coming to conquer them a SECOND time. Italy is in danger of losing badly in Greece.

    Thus, in April/ May 1941, Hitler is forced to invade Yugoslavia and Greece, both to:
    (A) Protect his Right Flank during the invasion of Russia.
    (B) Protect the reputation of the Axis, by preventing Italy from being defeated in Greece.

    ***************************************** ************** ****************
    However, in doing so, Hitler must postpone the Invasion of the Soviet Union for 30 days, to June 21, 1941. Hitler thus loses 30 precious days of good weather in Russia, that he can never compensate for.

    You could make the case that Hitler has lost the War at that time– in May and June 1941. He thought he would conquer Russia in a few months and does not even issue the Wehrmacht Troops with winter clothing, so sure is Hitler of Victory by August or September. But by Sep. 1941, the Russian Rains turn the roads into Seas of Mud, stopping the Germans' advance. On October 31, 1941, the first Russian Snowflakes begin to fall on the German Troops, then only about 20 miles from Moscow.  

    General Winter proves to be a very formidable one.

    The Russian Troops are used to fighting in cold weather.

    The Germans are not — not as cold as it will get in Russia as they get deeper into Winter.

    ON December 8th, 1941, America declares War on Japan and ONLY Japan, in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  America, still recovering from the Great Depression, there is NO desire to fight a 2-front war. For 3 days, History teeters on the brink of 2 possible futures:

    (A) As Newt Gingrich describes in his Alternative Historical Novel, "1945", World War II could have become 2 separate Wars, with America ONLY fighting Japan, and Hitler concentrating his forces against Russia. America defeats Japan by October 1943, without the A-Bomb. But Hitler defeats Russia, and rules Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains. (He lets Stalin rule over Siberia — as a Russian version of Vichy France.) Britain remains nominally free, but cannot continue fighting with Russia defeated and America only fighting Japan.

    Ominously, Hitler's weapon factories are not bombed after October 1943. By 1945, Hitler is free to develop a whole new Generation of weapons: More Jet fighters and Jet Bombers, Flying Wings, (like the Horton), even television-guided missiles and a new class of even deadlier Submarines.

    (B) Of course, what really happened was what Newt calls "Hitler's monumental mistake" (while fortunate for the Allies) of declaring War on America, on December 11, 1941. Mussolini quickly does the same. On December 12, 1941, America has no choice but to return the favor. 
    In "The Winds of War", another series on YouTube, 2 German Generals in Russia are discussing Hitler's declaration of War on America. One General says: "Well, we can now expect a [Japanese ] attack on Vladivostock." "No, mine General", he is told, "Japan has not declared War on Russia and the Fuhrer has not demanded it of them".

    You see the first General's face fall to the ground, as he is thinking:
    "so now we must fight BOTH Russia and America, WITHOUT any Japanese help against Russia! So now we are screwed" (or whatever the German word for "screwed" is).

  17. Finally a good objective documentary about Barbarossa. The Germans captured millions of prisoners in 1941, yet nobody speaks about it. They lost 150.000 POD's at Stalingrad, everybody still talks about it.

    Come on, the Germans deserve much more credits for such a small country. (compared to Russia)

  18. Kevin Hamann says:

    If Rommel was a "true Nazi" why was he killed by the Nazi's. Programme is biased and innaccurate.

  19. The most un-biased and neutral program about WW2 I have ever seen. Love it

  20. Aamir Sohrab says:

    Always wondered..how were the troops on foot towards the Caucasus, Stalingrad and the rest of the east supplemented through their long journey? Also how were the tanks refueled? The troops themselves cannot have been carrying all of the necessary reinforcements, especially in the case of fuel and ration. Not like they oversaw the duration of their campaign.

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