Babylon Is Fallen: The Satanic New World Order Agenda Pt.1 (2016)


The New Sodom, Barack Obama Third Time period (?) & New Entire world Buy Getting Area Incredibly Quickly. #SUBSCRIBE five-motives-why-the united states-is-secret-babylon/

President Obama on Wednesday returned to the website of his initially formal quit as president, Elkhart, Indiana, the place he blamed the floundering financial state of the earlier 7 a long time on his predecessor George W. Bush — but explained that despite the dismal condition of America currently, all people should vote Democrat in November.

“This was the initially city I frequented as president. I had been in workplace just 3 weeks when I came here. We have been just a couple months into what turned out to be the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. Our enterprises have been shedding 800,000 employment a month. Our automobile field was about to go beneath. Our family members have been shedding their cost savings,” Obama explained.

“NOW, Hence, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by advantage of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the guidelines of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2016 as Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender Satisfaction Month,” dictated the forty fourth US president. “I get in touch with on the people of the United States to get rid of prejudice just about everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the wonderful diversity of the American people.”

The tale of Sodom and Gomorrah illustrates a pretty vital
actuality: The Holy Bible is not a wide-minded, tolerant book. It
is, in a sense, a pretty slender-minded, intolerant book. God is
a God of righteousness who is patient but not infinitely
patient. This is illustrated by the tale of Sodom and
Gomorrah, the tale of Noah and the flood, and many other
tales. Christ confirmed anger and righteous indignation on
selected instances. God’s patience is confined. He has love and
mercy for the penitent sinner and the individual who loves and
serves him but he can be pretty significant with the unrepentant and
people who do not love, honor and provide him.

Obama is becoming sued by 11 states for restroom invoice that would enable transgenders to use whichever restroom they experience. The Bible warns of this kind of steps and America will soon be judged by God for it’s sins.

In the previous days, a just one environment authorities would arise with a chief to construct a global community and preserve a global currency to satisfy the new environment buy options.

There are several character traits mentioned for this city/condition/country that is referred to as possibly “Babylon” or “Mystery Babylon”. These character traits provide as figuring out markers that give us the clues as to the identification of this kind of a city/country. People traits have to all match flawlessly to just one identification. We simply cannot dismiss some and pick out many others. These traits are several and sixty of people traits obviously can be recognized with America. The subsequent checklist shows what traits do match up with America.

#1. The Jewish Inhabitants Issue: Jeremiah fifty:8, twenty five Jeremiah 51: 6, forty five Isaiah 48:twenty and also Revelation 18:four. These are all references to Jewish people residing in this potential “Mystery Babylon” in the ancient Babylon, from the 6th Century BC until nicely into the early Church Age, the bulk of the Jewish populace lived in ancient Babylon. It was the dwelling to most of the world’s Jews even in the time of Christ. These days, the largest populace of Jewish people is located in the United States. The upcoming two nations combined, Israel (dwelling to the 2nd largest Jewish populace) and Russia (dwelling to the third largest Jewish populace) do not equivalent the populace of Jewish people residing in America. Iraq on the other hand has only a relative handful of Jews residing within its borders. Some estimate the Jewish populace in Iraq at possibly ten,000. That is not pretty many people, notably in regards to the populace of most other nations hosting the Jewish remnant. This character trait of becoming the guide host for Jewry is indicative that America currently fulfill’s the prophecies of “mystery Babylon.” Hence, this trait by yourself qualifies the theory of “America = Mystery” Babylon.

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  1. Salas Haydar says:

    is all about power England Is going to be the super again

  2. Honey Pie says:

    They need to read the dictionary, and the bible. This is CHILD ABUSE! per·vert verb pərˈvərt/
    1.alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.
    "he was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice"
    synonyms: distort, corrupt, subvert, twist, bend, abuse, misapply, misuse, misrepresent, misinterpret, falsify
    "people who attempt to pervert the rules"
    noun ˈpərvərt/ 1.a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.
    synonyms: deviant, degenerate; informalperv, dirty old man, sicko
    "a sexual pervert"

  3. Tahir Rana says:

    Michael Obama is a man!

  4. Zato Naifu says:

    Ok.the whole dudes with bitch mask thing is creepy as hell.and the FurFag no.

  5. icon777vlad says:

    what with boxing satanic_Illuminati agenda…?

  6. Fuck those parents. Go to hell

  7. Jeff Burris says:

    Be careful about that hate in your heart. Jesus Christ is about love for all, if you have not gotten that yet. There's no room for the Holy Spirit in you if there's a ton of dark hate your harboring. Jesus Christ is coming for ALL his saved children, regardless of color. He's not coming for just YOUR TRIBE or just THEIR TRIBE. Be very careful about that heart of yours my brothers and sisters. Good video though except for the part about racism. Racism is what is being pushed to divide us to bring on martial law. Everyone is falling for it hook line and sinker and just shoveling that hate into their heart. Love to all! God bless!

  8. Fighting over who can use what bathroom when we wont even fight to feed hungry families. Lord help us all.

  9. James Mosley says:

    White people are crazy

  10. Abdul Ahad says:

    excellent vid, very informative

  11. My Name I.C. says:

    Everything is fine people. Go back to your local supermarket and keep using your foodstamps on Hawaiian punch, Pepsi and all other sugary drinks, as well as Doritos entenmann's cakes and everything else that turned this nation into the land of the obese and brain dead walking beings….

  12. Jason Burke says:

    America you better wake up and stop this nonsense if a Boy is born a Boy then he is a boy likewise if a Girl is born a Girl she is a Girl. Repent America JESUS CHRIST is LORD

  13. bizzwoofer says:

    People are so fucking stupid! Have fun going down in flames with your new world order, you crying asswipe pussies.

  14. Anna Smith says:

    Oh dear, the sun-worshippers are back to the studio, creating new propaganda conspiracy theory material.

  15. Obama and Hillary are Being DELETED RIGHT NOW! GO TRUMP!

  16. Pinky Scott says:

    ima smaxk the shit iuttsxdenn

  17. Good thing I live in the UK

  18. If the world ends soon how the fuck am I supposed to sell this weed?

  19. SKYY Johnson says:

    Old news, just a repeat of same news from last year and Months ago!! I'm sure there is alot more new updates.

  20. Jojo Cordoba says:

    Thought it was gonna be a vid ran by a white republican Christian bigot wearing a tin foil hat and just clicked to thumb it down but, its a well made and informative vid 🙂

  21. J Steyn says:

    Amazing Video!!!!! Thank you

  22. Raul Flores says:

    it's bullshit if it ain't broke don't fix it..da only reason Obama passed that law is cuz his wife is transgender

  23. Shotclips says:

    Nice to see you post vids like this, more to life than boxing, great knowing you are trying to wake people up to the real world we live in.

  24. I like this video because it's all news clips, headlines and video footage. You're presenting so called facts without a bunch of opinionated commentary……..

  25. Lori Rogers says:

    How does that asshole Obama even joke about something like that… The fact is I don't believe he's joking but the Sheeple DO!!!

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