Call of Duty: World at War – Part 3 – Hard Landing (Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough)


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  1. Amy Clock says:


  2. I played this game and I died a lot that I want to eat so much food

  3. yup davenetly that's zombies

  4. Daishawn J says:

    I hate some iron sights on guns in call of duty games but this game is all about iron sights

  5. Alto Rocket says:

    they need to make cod world at war 3

  6. dont worry bros im also kill my friend in this games

  7. HOLYFEAR2001 says:

    Bruh……you could have kept that M1 Garand with the grenade launcher, it shoots regular ammo and grenades -_-

  8. Yoli pets best Call of Duty player ever

  9. dude he could of just get the whip
    its IH a in a tree ! OK??!

  10. I beat all champion on Berton in a day I'm mean verturn

  11. I like cod classic more than advanced warfare

  12. theradbrad is also a good game uploader he does some games of call of duty and other like battlefield 4 so if you want you should check him out

  13. my favorite guns on this game are/BAR TYPE 11

  14. bar and the type 11 sorry
    but you are better than theradbrad
    also soulsforgoals is really good

  15. Does japanese have anything better than do except screaming and running with knives?

  16. every Cod game ever:
    enemies : Lets put red barrel next to where we are :)

  17. Jack Wang says:

    5:45 you would have died on veteran

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