Canadian Government Admits UFO’s & Aliens Exist


Hon. Paul Hellyer – Minister of Nationwide Defense
Testified being aware of of 4 Alien races actively viewing Earth.
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  1. Canada is so much better than the american government I'm sorry if I offend you but in this modern age it's true

  2. all I can say is in your dam face I been saying that shit I new they were real lol

  3. Moon Brown says:

    I'm not saying it was aliens………but it was aliens

  4. Low testosterone will do that. Those were hockey pucks eh

  5. Warren L says:

    This man has not been a minister in the "Canadian government" for 48 years now.

  6. LOOK just bullshit !!!!! Roll them out for the public of the world to meet and greet show us the space craft just show us proof. These ramblings are not proof just hearsay, bring them out I say or just shut up about it. I don't believe believers, physical solid proof with no need of faith is all that I would accept.

  7. He admitts there are 4 different species at 2:35

  8. ZaC WithaK says:

    we the people already hate working and the government taking taxes from us to make their lives and corrupt lives much more comfortable. what would happen if there was a higher power than that? you slave all day in order for another species to have our minerals, bodies for experiments and anything else would do not know about. i think if everything came out to the people there would be a world wide strike for the demand of freedom, explanation for everything, where the human population is going and many other things. they cant afford for us the slave culture to be told the truth cause the truth is, we as humans slave ourselves and animals for a better comfort. its nature, think about it the next time you use someone or anything to better yourself or others. its the A game out there and whoever runs this world is in charge and its not us humans

  9. Nathan JR says:

    I would like everyone to start sharing this. people are not seeing it. this is the truth. also look at my last liked video and tell me what u think.

  10. Razar Ryan says:

    What if the aliens come out to the public and talk to trump on the behalf of mankind/USA…fuck…

  11. so this means the us is working building ufos with aliens… that means they are really after depopulating the world, attack population and blame it on ufos so the public think aliens have attacked us..

  12. Justin B. B says:

    No shill. Free thought. Face his belt, first left from center. Move thought from left to center. Ask to see the copper tubes of transportation. Ask to "see" the equations running this matrix. They WILL show you. It WILL hurt your brain. We are too primitive to fully grasp at first. You will feel an "electrical snapping" inside your skull. That's how you know you are correct. I won't be more direct. Do not ask. Seek me if you wish. I'm only an average man with a more than average knowledge. If you desire more, seek the sigils. Use the Brass trap. Square the circle if you would. Find Enoch's ring, you will need it. Those with wings are that which you seek.

  13. WTF Why is this canadian politicians blanket statements with no ounce of proof behind it what soever never in the news? WTF?!?! Do news stations not cover conspiracies anymore?!?! WTF ??? News should cover fake stories!

  14. Only crazy people would believe this video was true. Christ, YouTube isn't allowed to show most of ISIS beheading videos and whatnot, do u think the government would allow this to get online if it was a legit video? I'm not saying aliens don't exist, I'm just saying this video is BS Lol

    Tbh I'm still researching the whole alien theory and I'm still unsure if I believe it or not, (mostly because I haven't seen it with my own eyes), but I'm very interested in the connection with aliens and Antarctica. It's fascinating!!

  15. Rico Medina says:

    aliens are real they live on earth with us..wake up peoples of earth.

  16. Josh Kirby says:

    This video is absurd, but the comments are pure gold.

  17. Thee Jester says:

    smh i wish our government would be honest for once like other governments…

  18. The US government will not tell us the truth because…they have already made deals w/ different species of aliens…n also people would freak out and it would be pure disorder…

  19. Sean McKay says:

    the longer they wait to tell us something like this, hint hint flat earth, the more we will rebel/ hate them/ never trust again/ disrespect them unless they honestly didnt know for sure, is their only excuse, they know a revolution will happen as soon as we know the truth, too long have we lived in lies, its about time to breathe in the truth instead of living a lie all our lives, as what fun is that, the truth isnt fun, but its worse to be lied to

  20. Interesting info, if they were to bring proof to the table. You would have millions staring into space. Poke'mon Go would take a nose dive. I personally have questions. I have seen things that can't be explained. It is imperative that people become impartial.

  21. So why doesn't one of these alien races come down and take care of these evil "cabal" families?

  22. lukeslc says:

    Sorry, but this is laughable.

  23. lukeslc says:

    Maybe we should concern ourselves more with our Heavenly Father than so-called UFOs. Just sayin'

  24. I would rather have E.T.'s in Canada than Syrian refugees.

  25. We live in a world of abbreviations . U no wat I ment

  26. DM zink says:

    If mankind refuses to fill us in, it is probably a brainwash from the aliens so they can infiltrate and catch us by surprise

  27. FUTKieran says:

    I think he's speaking about Harambe…

  28. Content aside: Maybe it's just me – but I feel like he took 9 minutes to say one sentence.

    I found myself asking the screen – "Just spit it out already ..DAMN!"

  29. Andrew G says:

    Don't argue with skeptics. Unless an alien cock slapped them in the face, they would deny any evidence presented to them. Same with brainwashed religious nuts following evil books pieced together by intolerant madmen.

  30. Odd this wasn't all over the news, sure, no proof is given, but a government official talking about this? You'd think this would've made massive headlines.

  31. matt call says:

    They need too tell the truth!! We r being kept in the dark!! Xx

  32. m says:

    he summs it up

  33. Something is a miss with the world lately ,,things just don't seem the same as they were ,something a foot ,be warned

  34. Johnny Brown says:

    Holy monkey Shit! I have always known! i am not so crazy!!

  35. Its just a guy saying that there are aliens, and describing different types… nothing more. wtf

  36. Kylie says:

    This was Canada's defense minister? WTF? He sounds totally insane. If we have Aliens living on military bases and are learning their technology, why have we not figured out interstellar space travel? The aliens would certainly have that technology.

  37. Daniel B says:

    I think there has been a black figure following me all my life. I always end up catching it "spying" on me… first time i caught it it was through mistake, or accident… didnt seem like it meant to be seen. I have a creepy real life true story of this event. i was about 14 years old when i actually got to look directly at it at night about 13 feet away crouched over on my cynderblock fence holding the corner of our roof just… staring at me… as i had my head out the bathroom window searching around for it… looked towards our gate and noticed it on top of the fence… the first time i noticed it was seeing its sillohette on a backdoor window blind that was made from white cloth, back porch light was on and you can see its head RIGHT THERE… can make out nose, forehead, lips, cheekbones… it was facing my bedroom window… then you can see the shadow rotate looking right at me through the backdoor… then moved away VERY VERY FAST… freaked me the hell out but im super curious and protective so i went into the restroom which was my original purpose for walking there… which is right there at the back door. suck my head out… scanned the backyard and was thinking i must have been seeing things and just half way asleep. but i was totally wrong when like i said i looked towared the gade on the side of our house and i saw what i explained earlier… skin was swirling like smoke but "solid and shiny"(from the moonlight) it had black deep pits for eyes… that too were like a moving swirling "contained" smoke… it looked at me and i was kinda frozen… it looked to the sky, jumped and vanished into thin air … like as it got higher it just dissipated, like a cloud expanding into nothing.

  38. I feel so sad that government bodies and authorities all over the world influence the major news sources to supress this kind of news.Down play it and hide it completely where possible,I MEAN THIS IS BIG NEWS right here! It should have been HEADLINES! But oh well! Saying "oh u know if we announce this kind of thing,the masses will panic" is just rubbish! If the masses survived Hitler and the Ugandan cannibal Iddi Amiin Dada and Saddam Hussein and Mojo Jojo of Power Puff Girls,what can't we take by now?

  39. Why haven't I seen this until now?! This should be on the news all over the world.

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