Captain America 3 Civil War NEW Trailer Spots (2016) Marvel Superhero Movie HD


Captain America Civil War Trailer Spot Official 2016 | the first avenger 3 offizieller tv trailer Subscribe for New Trailers: | German Deutsch …


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  1. zlozel says:

    Thx for all these trailers, I dont need to watch the movie anymore.. anyways its bullshit and boring story that almost noone wants to see. And now back to real comics where the Avengers fight the real villans and its joy to watch.

  2. Evan Waffle says:

    Hawkeye gets no love

  3. Fuck that shit! I wanna see spidey!!

  4. Aaron Roach says:

    What's the name of the song in the second trailer clip??

  5. Jimmy Li says:

    Can anyone tell me what does Barton said back to Black Widow? APPRECIATE IT!!!

  6. what side is shield on

  7. Product Gear says:

    Will any citizen arrests be made?

  8. Ant man look different

  9. I am SOOOO ON TONY STARK'S SIDE, HE'S THE BEST!!! ???????????????????????

  10. what dd black widow say and hawkeye replied here

  11. whats up with spider man cartoon he didnt show up

  12. Lady Jdm says:

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    DONG TO?

  13. TeamElemeno says:

    Am i the only one who wishes antman was on tonys team

  14. MVL Trailers says:

    Hey Guys! New Civil war trailer is out now! Check it out on my channel! #teamCap

  15. Ange Simmer says:

    Lol well still friends right ??

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