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  1. thank you for the bibles.

  2. Terri Taplin says:

    I can not believe I have seen people that think they know something are telling people that babies of non believers are domed. If they die before they are old enough to accept their own salvation through Jesus Christ. God forgive them, they truly know not what they do.

  3. selaskiss says:

    OMGosh!! I didnt even watch your video yet, but the title caught my attention. I had a dream about Chris Brown and I was talking to him about giving his life to Jesus. Weird thing is I only listen to contemporary christian worship music or gospel. Chris Brown is not a favorite artist of mine. When I was in the world I loved old school r&b,…but Chris Brown?? Then, he was ok to me but not a fav…so it was weird that he was in my dream….he looked sad though…and he really wanted to hear about Jesus, but it was just a dream. Will watch video now :-)

  4. Save all the animals! Save the wales, dolphins and elephants, but kill the human babies! Sick twisted world and I'm so ready to get off it and go spend eternity with Yahshua and all of those sweet babies! Great video, brother Bob!

  5. CRASHMAGNET says:

    You mentioned a Baby in the beginning and that caught me right away, about a week ago I had a dream with a baby I also thought was mine (I don't have children) I picked it off the floor and then suddenly the light in the room became dim, the baby was gone and the world seemed empty of life, it felt like I was hiding from darkness. I think the baby stood for New life and Jesus. Without Jesus there is only Darkness

  6. CRASHMAGNET says:

    Oprah's Tv network is called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) but look at it backwards which is the devil's way, backwards it says NWO or New World Order.

  7. CRASHMAGNET says:

    Great Video, loved hearing you explain the word and the current events. Not many really realize that the NWO is being built right before our eye. Christians need to get close to God and group together. God Bless

  8. Lucy van P says:

    Especially love the dreams of the babies. They are so precious. I wish you would do one on your sons dreams.

  9. Jonathan Cahn talks about the economic collapse in 2016, and it also having to do with the Shemitah, and Jubilee.

  10. i just had a dream about the rapture and prayed to God to deliver me one for a long time and He finally did it first started with me looking out the window and i saw a blood moon and i didnt know that it was the rapture so i started to pray along side my bed staring at my poster of Jesus and i prayed that today was the rapture and later i saw a light at my wall shining then i turned around and it was a intense light increasing and i knew that it was the rapture so i started to pray like never before i started to yell to the Lord saying "FORGIVE ME LORD FOR ALL OF MY SINS I WANT TO BE WITH YOU FOR ETERNITY I DONT WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER SECOND ON THIS SINFUL PLANET PLEASE TAKE ME" then the dream ended and i was disappointed that it was a dream but i was slightly fearful that i might be left behind but mostly faithful and happy, anyways i will do a video on it later and i pray that this is a premonition of a soon return of the Lord GOD BLESS YOU

  11. The animals are going to die anyway because that is what is suppose to happen. Hosea.
    It is one of the signs of the beginning of sorrows ay. So repenting isn't going to stop that. Repenting is only going to be good for the repenter. God knows what he's doing. We will see all of His creations again. The way He made them. Looking forward to that. Otherwise great work, God bless you.

  12. Greetings, Christians of the world. I am conducting a survey of all
    the wonderful Christians of the world and would like your opinion.
    Please write whether or not you support the mass murder and ethnic
    cleansing campaigns of the Bible including but not limited to, the mass
    murder of the Amalekites, the genocide of the people of Jericho, the
    ethnic cleansing campaign directed against the people of Canaan, and
    many, many more.

    Please state whether you support genocides like these or not.
    It is important to know what percent of Christians are pro mass murder
    and terrorism. Your opinions are appreciated.

    A simple yes or no will suffice, but please feel free to elaborate and
    try to defend genocide. If so, please include whether or not you
    believe that the victims of these crimes against humanity were
    "untermenchen" or whether or not the ethnic group in question "deserved"
    to be exterminated.

    Again, your opinions are valued. Thankyou.

  13. Rose dowling says:

    Jesus is coming any day and i'm ready!

  14. Rose dowling says:

    the pope already has a one world religion video out and it is sick, it goes like i believe in budda, i believe in mohammad, i believe in Jesus. we believe in peace. we are here! the very brink before Jesus takes His bride away and the tribulation starts

  15. You highly blessed Brother

  16. I'm a NASCAR fan to! My favourite is Jeff Gordon but he retired after 2015

  17. Sue Jee says:

    Its not only Oprah who is demon posessed, many preachers in old established churches are likewise turning away from GOD

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