Chemtrails And Haarp At My Crib May 12th 2011 Part 2



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  1. Slim Biggins says:

    Love The Tune…. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!………

  2. @gk111127 ,

    Bizzle – Truth Music
    Thanks for watching!

  3. @gk111127 ,

    They mess with my channel sometimes and it throws me off-track for a bit,
    But I always snap out of it and come back fighting brother! 🙂
    Love your spins bro!

  4. Slim Biggins says:

    Dont Let Them Put U Of. Keep On The Rite Track……

  5. @gk111127 ,

    Back on track brother,

    Check my newest upload:

    PS Keep telling on those snakes brother!

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