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  1. The U.S.-China Relationship in an Evolving Global Economic Order
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  2. King Rold says:

    I belive the usa needs to understand we are not god..and the usa always helps out everyone In the world no matter what ..but who helps out the usa when they need would be nice to have a brother like chinA to talk to open minded like a good friend not that america will ever ask for help cuz of there pride but accept help if needed And china is the only other country In the word that has risen in the last 100years that financially can do that…because they are big enough and stable enough to do so..I hope they can be open minded with each other and continue to grow together for the benefit of the world…it would be nice for the us to not have the pressure of all the worlds problems all the time being responsible playing that spreads are resources to thin being everywhere all the time…and maintaining everywhere is the challenge…like africa we could work together with chinas resources and together develop that country up to speed with the rest of the world and co lead that project with respect for africans and each other america and china ultimately to make the world a better place ..being to comoetitive is not always more productive

  3. King Rold says:

    I am a proud american

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