China warns India of arrogance over missile launch


India has been warned against arrogance in its relations with Beijing following its successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking any city in China.

It has spent heavily on military expansion despite its poverty on an arms race it cannot win, according to an editorial in China’s state-controlled Global Times newspaper.

The editorial was published after India claimed its successful test of the Agni V meant it had joined the elite group of countries with intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities. The missile can hit any city within 3000 miles with a nuclear war head.

The aggressive tone taken by the Global Times contrasted with the official reaction of its foreign ministry which said India and China were not rivals but “co-operative partners. We should cherish the hard-earned momentum of co-operation,” said its spokesman Liu Weimin.

But Beijing’s state-controlled media reacted more aggressively, accusing India of nuclear proliferation in breach of international treaties.

“India is still poor and lags behind in infrastructure construction, but its society is highly supportive of developing nuclear power and the West chooses to overlook India’s disregard of nuclear and missile control treaties. The West remains silent on the fact that India’s military spending increased by 17 per cent in 2012 and the country has again become the largest weapons importer in the world.

“India should not overestimate its strength. Even if it has missiles that could reach most parts of China, that does not mean it will gain anything from being arrogant during disputes with China. India should be clear that China’s nuclear power is stronger and more reliable. For the foreseeable future, India would stand no chance in an overall arms race with China,” the editorial claimed.

It also warned India against serving the interest of the United States and other western partners in seeking to “contain” China’s expansion.

“India should also not overstate the value of its Western allies and the profits it could gain from participating in a containment of China. If it equates long range strategic missiles with deterrence of China, and stirs up further hostility, it could be sorely mistaken,” it warned.

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  1. Golden Rule says:

    By whining, the Chinese are admitting defeat in the class of super performance by Indians. With their false pride crushed and ambition over taken by the Indians, they are acting like a combo of cry babies and street goons, whose ego has been crushed. It is over four day now, the destruct ego of the Chinese are unable to reconcile with the superior technological feat of Indians. Chinese still want to live in an illusion that they can steal and/or gift their way from US & Russia to power. Avoiding to concede defeat, the Chinese are consoling themselves with arbitrary and wishful words like “stronger and more reliable”. Both sides of the debate is scripted by the Chinese. Living in a fool’s paradise to make oneself feel great. They are living in a “boiling frog” syndrome. Their lecturing of “long history of culture” stinks of deceit and back-stabbing. Chinese can NEVER be trusted. A culture which can skin dogs alive and eat live monkey brains on their dinner table does not speak of any advancement as humans. Their brains still work as cavemen.

  2. GJS says:

    One can’t really blame the Chinese being pissed off, there are definitely two sets of laws in just about everything depending on what side you are on. This by itself could well indeed fast forward the commencement of hostilities & alas we (the west) are the main antagonist, until we accept that there MUST be one law for everyone they are NOT genuine in attaining peace.
    The attitude of late by us in the west should concern every one of us, it appears sections of the powers that be WANT war at any cost BUT it’s up to US to demand they pull their head in, afterall the ones who decide we go to war will be hundreds of feet underground watching on a visual feed while the other 99.9% are used as canon fodder. If things keep deteriorating the way they have been we’ll be lucky if we see the year out without a MAJOR war breaking out & this time there are lots of fingers ready to press lots of buttons in a lot of countries, I very much doubt if we’ll escape another major war without the use of the nasty weapons of mass destruction.
    That’s why we NEED to demand they stop this provokative action & stop hostilities before they begin !
    My best to you all.

  3. nukefuse says:

    As usual India and indians standing on square 1 thinking of wining the race in square 100. acting like as if already subjugated USA and going to war with world…world’s biggest stupid democracy.

  4. buff24seven says:

    if the united states went to war with china tomorrow India being on are side would guarantee a win…..china must be contained.

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