Mind Control: Nazi Technology controls Today’s Politicians


What is apparently happening behind the scenes in our world? What forces are at work in an apparent perpetuating course of self-destruction that we our experiencing on our planet Earth? What do politicians in democracy societies seem to be pursuing a self-serving agenda which ignores often overwhelming outcries of their constituencies?

Concentration Camp Experiments


Few people are aware that in the concentration camps of World War II, Nazi scientists worked feverishly to perfect the science of mind control on both individuals and populations. Dr. Josef Mengele supervised medical experiments at Auschwitz, becoming infamous there as the “Angel of Death.” He and others were given free reign to torture, sexually abuse, and kill any concentration camp inmate in any way they pleased as they worked to perfect the science of mind control.

It is believed that using a combination of hypnosis, mind-altering drugs, and torture, Mengele eventually developed techniques which in a matter of hours could cause any individual to dissociate into multiple personalities.

When a person develops multiple personalities or “alters,” the core personality typically has no awareness of the existence of created alters. Because the pain induced during the creation of these personalities is unbearably great, the individual’s ego dissociates and creates an alter personality to handle the pain, yet blocks all conscious memory of this experience and of the alter created in order to be able to function in daily life.

Thus, those subjected to Mengele’s cruel experiments had no conscious knowledge afterward of what had been done to them or how they were now under his control through the hidden alter personalities he had created. They were now programmed to serve as Manchurian Candidates – super spies whose core personalities were not even aware that they had alter personalities secretly designed to forward the plans of their programmers.

When Mengele and his cohorts created these multiple personalities in their subjects, they used hypnosis to program code words which could call forth any alter (created personality) in a subject. Using the code words to call these alter personalities into consciousness, each alter could then be trained and programmed to do any task desired by the subject’s controller without any awareness of this by the core personality.

Thus they could create a whole army of Manchurian Candidates who look and act like normal people, yet who had been secretly programmed to cause terror, assassinate, bomb, or even to sexually compromise intended targets.

Mengele trains Americans

Evidence suggests that Mengele may have been purposely allowed to escape from Germany after WWII to Argentina, from whence eventually he was secretly brought into the United States. Working with select agents sworn to secrecy in the CIA’s MKULTRA program, Mengele covertly trained them on how to create an army of Manchurian Candidates for a variety of purposes. For the best summary of how this was carried out by one who experienced it herself, read a 10-page summary Carol Rutz’ riveting story available here. This is optional for the course.

A number of these Manchurian Candidates were eventually able to break free and remember what was done to them. With competent professional help over many years, some managed to heal and transform themselves through the reintegration of their alters. Brave individuals who suffered under and have now healed from these programs, such as Carol Rutz, Judith Moore, and Kathleen Sullivan, are now working powerfully to expose these disempowering mind control programs and transform our planet.

All of this may sound quite surreal and unbelievable, yet if you explore the many reliable resources available on the topic, you will find an abundance of evidence, including thousands of pages of declassified government documents, to back up these assertions. If you feel that you may have been affected by these programs or know someone who has and would like to know where to look for help, click here.

The next section will take all of this to an even deeper level. If you are feeling overwhelmed with this information, you might want to take a break before coming back. And remember, we are not asking you to take any of this as truth. We only ask that you consider that there indeed may be some strange happenings going on here in our world of which few are aware.

Mind Control Techniques Used to Control Politicians

One way in which the power elite are able to maintain a high degree of political and economic control over the world is to gain power over key politicians and other highly influential individuals. The principle means used to accomplish this objective is to develop blackmail on these key individuals that can be used whenever they might stray too far from the agendas of the elite.

One of the easiest ways to develop evidence which can be used for future blackmail is through arranging sexually compromising situations involving mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates.

Each targeted leader or potential leader is profiled by operatives in the mind control programs to discover what sexual type most attracts them. Sexy Manchurian Candidates matching the target’s sexual tastes are then sent in to get to know and eventually seduce the targeted leader, for instance, by working as an intern.

These Manchurian Candidates may even be under the age of 18, yet look much older. Fake IDs left out on a dresser can deceive the target into believing they are having sex with someone of legal age. Video cameras record the illicit sexual activity unbeknownst to the victim, who is unaware of any of these manipulations.

Only when a politician or leader later makes an attempt to go against the agendas of those in control is he or she informed of compromising videos which could ruin their career. The elite usually gain quality blackmail evidence on key politicians long before they rise to high positions of power. Consider the 2001 case of Chandra Levy and Congressman Gary Condit as an example.

All of this sounds like something out of X-Files, doesn’t it? Yet you are invited to at least entertain the possibility that global politics and economics is much more manipulated than most people might believe.

The Deeper Implications

You may be wondering about the deeper implications of mind control and those who have used these techniques to manipulate and control. To this we must ask ourselves, don’t we all at times secretly harbour illusions of false superiority and want to control others instead of ourselves? And on some level, weren’t the mind controllers doing what they believed to be best given their circumstances? Many saw enemies all around them who were using these techniques. They felt the only way to protect themselves was to develop and use these techniques themselves.

Remember that the human beings who are responsible for all of this have hearts, too. They once were innocent babies. Some of the individuals most involved in these mind control programs grew up as abused children and knew no better than to continue the pattern of abuse on others throughout their lives. If we choose to judge and condemn these people, we only create more polarization in the world.

Yet let us not forget that sharks and crocodiles also have hearts. Though we certainly want to support love and transformation in all beings, we may not always want to get too close to dangerous waters. Let us do our best to stop any destructive behaviour we can, yet at the same time recognize that for some of us, it is best not to delve into these matters deeply.

Each one of us has our own unique role to play in all of this. When we come together with a shared purpose of transformation through love and empowerment, we can powerfully work to stop the destructive and disempowering behaviour, yet still love and support the heart and essence of those involved. This is how we can be the change we want to see in the world in very powerful, meaningful ways.

Let us also consider the possibility that we may all be somehow involved in everything that happens. Let us choose to take greater responsibility for our lives and world, and work to accept and understand all that is going on.

Remember the ho’oponopono method of I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you? Consider using this to heal even these deep wounds inside ourselves. In this way we can powerfully transform the disempowering behaviour of ourselves and others. Then we can invite others to join us in opening fully to the heart connection we share with all people through love.

It is when we face our greatest challenges that we have the greatest opportunity for growth. Can we love even those who would consciously do us harm? Can we see the silver lining in even the darkest clouds?

Source: The Canadian (http://s.tt/19ktn)

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