Corey Holcomb Vs The Illuminati


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  1. Corey goes in on these jokers! Must watch for everybody in the family! Enjoy. . .Don't forget to comment share subscribe and thumps up for more!

  2. Corey is raw and says some extreme stuff but I respect his stance against the system.

  3. Aaron Cross says:

    I wish people would look up the definition of terrorism before they try to say "x" group is not a terrorist group. It's not necessarily putting on a bomb vest and killing people. Not in the slightest.

  4. L Thom says:

    I'm soooo glad this man told the truth and let the Breakfast Club cast show themselves who they are….controlled shills

  5. hes no Patrice O'neal….

  6. Man Corey is a real brother he's going to tell truth no matter what need more brothers like him, and he's funny is all get out great video!!!!

  7. Corey Holcomb salute my favorite

  8. tonfsu says:

    The man is speaking Truth. And these clown sellouts on the Breakfast Club trying to make him look crazy..

  9. Wow, didn't even know Corey Holcomb spoke the truth like this. So use to him being a goofball. Now, this just makes me like him even more. #Respect

  10. April Thomas says:

    he killed that interview about the blk Panthers… very respectfully .. and with intelligence her dumb behind

  11. Notice how the "live" camera "goes off", when this brother spits truth to power…. There are no accidents here.

  12. Yeah dis nigga Is light yrz away from most comedians. Imagine if he gave his self to Christ!?? This man could be a world changer and not a new world developer

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