David Icke:The Rothschild Zionist Agenda…Third World War & New World Order.



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  1. ZipZenac says:

    So called 'Rebels' in Syria are Mossad directed and funded by the US slaves of Zion.

  2. EroomYrrah says:

    NATO 'N'ow 'A'll 'T'he 'O'thers

  3. dan12959 says:

    Only 4 comments and 821 views,yea right. Well here's one,I'm 54 and for the last 34 yrs. been preaching against the evil luciferian psychopathic sociopath genocidal baby killing zionists. I'm with you David,we need to wipe them out completely.They are the scum enemies and terrorists of mankind. They use Judaism as a front religion and all their other lies they spread like a fungus bacterium and cancerous disease. When will people wake up,and realize they must be exterminated like roaches.

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