DNSChanger is False Flag Excuse for FBI to Shut Out Internet Users


Susanne Posel

Today The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will pull the plug on the Domain Name System (DNS) because of DNS Changer malware that has been used as a safety net for servers infected by a virus that redirects users to a bogus DNS server.

On July 9th, Internet users will be able to access the Internet if your computer is not infected.

The FBI wants everyone to check their computer by going to the website for the DNSChanger Working Group. When you visit this site, if your computer is “ok”, you will see a “green square”.

When you go to this website to have your computer checked for DNSChanger, you are essentially giving the FBI the ok to allow your ISP and computer to be surveilled.

If you use Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are fine. However, users of Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari may experience a problem being validated.

The FBI claims that they have been “propping up the Internet” for last few months in an effort combat the DNSChanger virus, however they can no longer do so effectively.

In this admission, the FBI is saying that the Internet is essentially being syphoned through the FBI; this includes all user activity on the Internet. All of our digital communications are going through the US government’s databases and being monitored under the guise of searching for the elusive DNSChanger malware.


The DNSChanger malware, according to the FBI, has been around since 2007. This software installs itself on your computer and redirects all Internet traffic to a supposed hacker server.

Luckily, the US government has rounded up these hackers and now they are “getting the word out” about this malware.

The hacktivist movement has spawned new off-shoots of the main groups Anonymous and LulzSec, named “LulzSec Reborn”, “MalSec”, and “SpexSec”. These groups are using the same techniques as Anonymous, with new names. The nature of these groups is to wreak havoc, break apart, and come together under a different name to begin the process over again.

LulzSec has been linked to Anonymous, which has members of the CIA working in and with the hacktivist group in an attempt by the US government to create a false flag threat that justifies the Obama administration’s restriction of American freedoms on the Internet.

The FBI estimated that as of July 4th of this year, 274,000 people worldwide are still infected. Of those computers, 45,000 are located in the US. If the FBI is successful on shutting down people from the Internet, the social networks should see a significant drop in log-ins.

The issue of hacktivists and their threat to the Internet, national security and digital information flow is a ruse designed to fool the American public into thinking that on the other side of their computer screen lurks a Bogeyman ready to pounce.

In reality it is the US government and their false flags that we should all be vigilantly aware of so that we can recognize when Big Brother is trying to usurp our digital rights.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media.

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  1. Staticmaker says:

    I went to that site and got the green square and pressed the button. Now there’s a black car sitting outside my house for days now. Do you think these are related?

  2. Linda says:

    I am such a suspicious person, that I wondered if this so called test of my sister, which of course I did like everyone else; I wondered if this was nothing more than a way for the government to capture our personal computers so they can monitor us. Of course they can find a way to do it anyway; but how much easier for them to find a way to just get us all to cooperate by using a false premise.

  3. Stan Sikorski says:

    Anyone who has ever expected the Internet to be their own little secret squirrel communications system are only deluding themselves. The net has been, and always will be a “gift” from DARPA and the USSA gubment. Act accordingly.

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