Egypt Riots, World War 3, Obama deception, Israel War, 2011 end time news, part 1


Are we on the brink of a world war ? Egyptian uprisings and its consequences . US open to a role for Islamists in the new government in Egypt …


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  1. Bino says:

    @themagmaster1 US has far superior weapons than China, and where do u think Israel gets their weapons? We supply them with our most advanced aircraft and technology. Israel is a bad mofo.

  2. @randallschecter yeah…a political pimp

  3. Batusai Jack says:

    God I love your videos, especially the soundtracks.

  4. Eek! I hope there no war, even know am not from america, egypt, and israel D:

  5. What a load of crap.. Was the video done by a child?

  6. jb0433628 says:

    The Zionists are controlling the Israeli government, but their goal is the extermination of all Jews. That's why they created Israel, that's why they created the holocaust to push the Jews in Israel and that's why they act to turn everyone against Israel.

  7. jb0433628 says:

    Also, everybody knows that Obama is not a born American. He is Indonesian and grew in the Muslim faith.

  8. MUSLIMS BECOME EVIL WHEN THEY PROCLAIM AS TRUE THE LIES OF MOHAMMAD TO MOCK ALLAH HYPROCRITICALLY that Mohammad as prophet even though Allah did not say so in Quran.

    A MUSLIM IS ALLOWED TO LIE according to hadith 6459-Ahmad that allows:1] lying to wives, 2] lying to enemies & 3] lying when peacemaking!

    Hadith 6459 practically allows evil Muslims to lie shamelessly when murdering!


    AMEN=TRULY only IN JESUS and speaking no lies like Mohammad did.

  9. All this videos is showing me is that israel can't count on the united states to help it continue with ethnically cleansing the palestinians. this video should be called the israeli deception. who wants to be allied with a government that kills, demoralize, inprisons and steals from poor people…. we are americans we are proud we are just we are good let freedom ring in every corner of the world


  10. Trust in science and reality…… religion holds everyone back and frankly it makes people really stupid, just a stupid as whoever made this video

  11. What a very good vid.

  12. 2] Then you-Egyptians- will never be back to the great old civilization before the Mohammadans conquered Egypt making Egypt UPSIDE-DOWN by:
    a] murdering your males
    b] forcing marriage with your females
    c] forcing Egyptians to abandon their own God
    d] coerced Egyptians into proclaiming FALSELY 5 times a day LIAR Muhammad as prophet.
    e] Thus making all FORCED-CONVERT Egyptian Muslims LIARS proclaiming falsely A PROPHET THAT HAD NO WITNESS!

    MOSES & JESUS HAD WITNESSES provided by Allah.

  13. cjclay2012 says:

    I see horror across the world if we elect Obama again. It will be the end of Christians…

  14. Shane Kazmi says:

    The great deception, Israel has it's hands full it must start ww3 and make it appear to the world that she was only defending herself, us and British have always been huge supporters of isreal and always will like when palistine got a voice in a branch of the UN Obama cut major funds for Ostwald sake that's why us is backing the arab spring when all the pieces are in place isreal will cry out look there coming for us and the world will listen, I don't hate Jews for Allah says that the are my br

  15. i like your video!!!
    i made this slide show as well to remember 2011 focusing on world events.
    feel free to check it out when you have time. thanks!

  16. And whats you source for the claim that Muslim brotherhood will take over the area ?

  17. 074August says:

    The occultists, masons, kabbalists & witches in the U.S. gov. are followers of Israel. FYI masons are the mirror image of Jews. Their plan is the make the antichrist their ruler and set him up to rule from Jerusalem. I suspect this video was made to push more lies from the followers of Aleister Crowley & Lucifer. U.S. govt are occultists/witches/masons, they are not to be trusted, Since Ronald Reagan, neoconservative & Neoliberals have gottten luciferian power through Israel. Luciferians.

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