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  1. Pokeflirt says:

    I realize most people know Pokeflirt from pranks, so our audience has some fuckboys, and maybe this isn't your type of video, but thanks for watching it because it's something I felt like making, every video I make I make for a reason, so thanks for taking the time to watch.

  2. Don Baseball says:

    weird but def gets the mind jumping.

  3. Liked this video man. I'm starting to post multiple times a week too. You should make a video seeing if fame can make you a fake or stuck up person


  5. mahiganti says:

    I like it. Feels new, fresh, and different. Keep it up!

  6. Interesting question. Random but I've recently been on an illuminati binge on youtube and the stuff these guys say is actually sort of interesting. Like something they always point out are devil horns that you see Madona wear sometimes and in the early 90s the Red Hot Chili Peppers Give It Away video is a black and white video that has Devil horns in it. And today 2016 you see in Pillowtalk-Zayn all these crazy visuals and whatya know someone with devil horns! Idk man what the hell is with hollywood and devil horns or maybe they have this artistic meaning that idk.

  7. dude yes!!!!!! this looks aweosme!

  8. JayEffTV says:

    Hey man how old are you? I'm 18 and looking to travel in 2017, would be cool to potentially meet you

  9. Ryan Gagnet says:

    I don't understand all the dislikes. Looks interesting to me

  10. This is different, I like it haha

  11. anti|social says:

    dig it. -critch

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