Migrant Numbers In Germany Plunge


Due to the introduction of border controls by countries along the Balkans migrant route, an interior ministry official said on Saturday the number of migrants …


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  1. ling tjing says:

    Deport this leftist libtard PC mainstream FASCIST traitor BITCH Angela
    the muslims WHORE!! and her hords of islamoFASCISTS; all muslims are by
    definition fascist since their "religion" is violent, totalitarian and
    against human rights and christian and european values and laws,
    includign any respect for others, in the case of muslims that would be
    us, the non-muslims! We are at war with leftist libtar PC FASCISTS who
    aims to employ the islamofascists to destroy the free chrisian west!
    Leftist SCUM and muslim SCUM must be defeated and deported to the
    islamic hellhole that islam and muslims have created and where they can
    continue their death cult without us being the victims!

  2. Zooni2 says:

    The numbers of migrants at camps in southern Europe are bulging like water in a dam ready to burst. This traitor will lie at will to deceive the German people into not rejecting her party and genocide plan. There is no war and violence in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Etruria, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan. There also appears to be no laws on the news lying.

  3. LokiV says:

    Its lies move along!

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