For Queen Michelle, 17 Days in Paradise Just Not Enough


WH: A ‘Birthday Present’ From President — And You Taxpayers

Seems 17 days in paradise just isn’t enough for Michelle Obama.

When President Obama and his daughters left Hawaii to return to the White House, the first lady stayed behind in the $25,000-a-week vacation mansion. The president let his wife stay on with friends as a “birthday present,” the White House said.

For Queen Michelle, 17 Days in Paradise Just Not Enough

Yes, America, like it or not, you just bought the first lady a really nice present. See, when she flies home solo, likely on an Air Force C-40B Special Mission Aircraft flown from Washington, D.C., it’ll cost taxpayers about $126,000, according to the website

But the price tag for the extended holiday will soar much higher. Dozens of staff and Secret Service personnel have stayed behind as well, at taxpayer cost, of course.

Michelle’s penchant for vacations is legendary: She took three before March one year. Her jaunt to Spain’s Costa del Sol in 2010 — on a plane packed with friends — cost taxpayers millions. She also jetted off to the Bahamas and summers in the ¬†Vineyarhhhd (as who doesn’t).

Each year, too, she takes off for the tony slopes of Aspen for a quick ski (one year flying directly from Florida to make a little sun-n-ski adventure).

But then, the first lady, who turns 50 Jan. 17, must be exhausted: Fighting fat is hard work, people.

WH: A ‘Birthday Present’ From President — And You Taxpayers

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Does anybody remember the Marcos’s in the Philippines? Didn’t they buy “Gilligans Island?”
    Didn’t Barry buy land in Kenya? Like the true Elite of today, have an escape plan.

  2. doesntmatter says:

    BUT what she will pay in return for her greed, selfishness, perpetrating, theft, and stupidity…no amount of money can cover. mo power to her…I have pity on her soul.

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