Future Trunks’s Arrivals to the Past ! Dragon Ball Super 48 (English Sub)


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  1. Lapos Dla says:

    dude that so Fucking cool futere trunks try to punch goku trunks thing goku try to kill everyone in the past in the futere goku kill the Z fighters,bulma,and trunks girl friend

  2. just imagine… the face of someone if they see only the present parts, and not what happened in the future. Someone who doesnt know about Black. "Why is Trunks attacking Goku? *_*But for real this time!!! ".

  3. what's the name of the music at the end when trunks attacks goku ?

  4. BebyRyke says:


  5. My guess this is a different trunks

  6. So no one is going to question why Future Trunks has as a different haircolor than Kid Trunks?

  7. Murlok Abram says:

    Lets keep in mind here that Black Goku has got to be around Goku's level and Trunks was able to sorta keep up with him, so Trunks is fucking strong i wouldn't doubt he could give Goku a run for his money at this point.

  8. Gray Wolf says:

    the music though

  9. Mr. Frog says:

    you can watch the full episode 49 on my chanalwelcome evry body

  10. how does this not cause a Time paradox

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