WORLD WAR 1 FPS – Over The Trenches (Verdun Gameplay)


WORLD WAR 1 FPS – Over The Trenches (Verdun Gameplay) Soldiers Classy - Rik – Verdun Steam …


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  1. Death simulation

  2. 1:50 Hey Phly ! YOU KILLED Clint Eastwood !!!!

  3. Bear says:

    m8 why u not play with squire :(

  4. +PhlyDaily Your next challenge is to land a peashooter on a b29 in the air

  5. John Hall says:

    Where has all the crossout videos gone

  6. A3IOWN3DU says:

    Phly your intro song brings joy to my heart everytime i hear it

  7. Seimen Veldt says:

    1 fps??! what kind of shitty pc is that??! ;)

  8. Next Sunday play Rise of Flight and fly the SE5A

  9. Samuel Beyer says:

    1:48 bottom of the the screen say "You killed Clint Eastwood" lol X D

  10. Isn't this coming to ps4

  11. no way classy pax is in here awsome

  12. The most scariest thing about world war is their black and white picture..ww1 in colour is not that scary.

  13. i thought you played with 1 FPS lol

  14. Phlydaily you killed Clint Eastwood 1:41 XD

  15. Aintence says:

    no wex gameplay 🙁 Its so easy to get kills with it on that map.

  16. ZzScotty says:

    The World Wars didn't happen in 1 FPS! The eye sees at 24fps PC peasant!

  17. Joel Plotner says:

    He killed Clint Eastwood!! It's near the beginning of the video….. Damn

  18. this is world war 1 gameplay not bf1

  19. So much better than bf1

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