GADDAFI LIBYA TRUTH REVISITED: Murdered By Rothchilds Banking Mafia


LINKS BELOW! Here’s the full documentary that the clip I featured is from: The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi …


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  1. AU why you so powerless

  2. TT Camara says:

    it hurts the western world to see African countries rise….but the continent will rise because is the richest of all ….

  3. As her reward for being a shameless war criminal while serving as Secretary of State, THEY want to make her President. Hillary Clinton, the Destroyer of Libya, and murderer, maybe the first person to have achieved the status of "War Criminal" prior to their term as President.
    Imagine that.
    Isn't there a peace prize for her in there somewhere?

  4. If [most] Americans were not so Gullible, brain-washed & outright STUPID.. Believing the no-stop false flags/Psy/0ps, for instance.. things would be VERY different in the US..!!

  5. david g says:

    i will save all my money in gold, is no to late for me to think about the feature, i will share this link, by the way thank you very much for this information i would like to translate it to spanish

  6. FeelingShred says:

    +TruthMediaRevolution Hey guys, I was wondering, after finding out all these lies I heard until today, do you know if Hitler was all that bad or it was fabricated truth also? I'm asking this because I got in touch with David Irving's research (revisionist historian) in which he states hitler not once written in his private and military letters about putting jews on gas chambers. And another fact that has been shown is that all gas chambers were built AFTER the war, that's because UN doesn't let David enter nazi sites anymore because he was debunking so many things that they blocked him. Amongst the atrocities are wooden "gas chambers", I mean, spaces between the wood will leak gas, you get the point 😉 Do anyone knows what was all about hitler? Are jew bankers really the scum of the earth? 🙁 I'm not racist, I'm only seeking the truth.

  7. This knowledge has opened my eyes to the " Truth " I am not surprised by this. I am sickened at this NWO. It is for real. These people behind this are pure Evil. I never saw such greed! Filthy Greed, by Filthy Evil Sons of Satan. So who do we Vote for? Are any of them not part of the NWO? You tell me please.

  8. Mr. Ham says:

    Africa would be a world power if Gadhafi plan wored

  9. Matty Watson says:

    When will the world say "Enough is Enough" to the Rothschild's ??????? This is how we CAN ALL LIVE !!! Imagine liking your leader so much you chase him down the street with joy !

  10. While I agree the bankers took Gaddafi down he was a dictator all the same. Saying that the Arabs are a tribal people and they work on the principle of a strong leader and 40 years in the job until the bankers stepped in with their military lackeys was a long reign. Democracy patently does not work in tribal societies as witnessed in Africa ,other arab states.and also I suggest in western countries as well where the will of the people shown in polls on issues is rarely acceded to by the elected officials. It works very well for the elite.

  11. The Activist says:

    Driving miles and i have not seen any slums. Libya was organized then.

  12. Gee says:

    He also said Jews killed JFK for stopping Jewish Nukes in Israel.

  13. Hamza Chouki says:

    zionists are a cancer in this world that must be treated or it will kill us.

  14. RIP Gaddafi.


  15. terrorism on, plain view, how to destroy britain, ask the british government they are doing a great job from 2001 tony blair decided killing brits is my goal, from kabul to london brits die for 2001 deal of insanity. well where is the prince Charles today, does he care how the government commits murder by proxy ??

  16. siningwow says:

    This made me cry but I am Irish we where born to fight for freedom and we will stand up to all this

  17. Hemel sieben says:


  18. Ben Storey says:

    When can we stop using the "Illuminati" euphemism? :-/

  19. jon deme says:

    Wow I loved watching this video. I knew something wasn't right about how the west views qaddafi. I knew I couldn't trust the media. Putin supported him and Putin wouldn't do that unless he puts trust into him. Qaddafi and Putin both are against the Rothschilds just like me. Fuck NATO and fuck the UN! this video presents exactly how I feel. thanks for posting this!

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