NEW Environment Buy Book predicts in the 90s that homosexual marriages would pass and that it was part of the Satanic New Environment get agenda!
In this article is a copy you can study right here.**IT IS A Need to Study FOR ALL TRUTHERS***

David testifies to staying saved from a homosexual way of living that consumed his lifetime for 27 many years. David was involved deep into the way of living and only by God’s Grace was He established free of charge and created new in Christ.


Matthew five:eleven-12 “Blessed are ye, when gentlemen shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil versus you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding happy: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were being before you.”

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34 Responses

  1. a marriage created by biblical GOD- man and women/ for 2 men or 2 women its not a marriage but a civil union so you have classic marriage and modern civil union both different but with similarities , if you go by the bible its a man with women and if you go by new world order its civil union ,  marriage is blessed by biblical GOD civil union blessed by the world .

  2. Gregory GSR says:

    That's what the color code is for, the gay flag

  3. lovX says:

    6:36 um no just no thats how that works

  4. lovX says:

    yep gays cant have a voice but homophobes can :_:

  5. lovX says:

    no i was born gay and you cant tell me in was not you ant me

  6. being gay is not a choice . this statement has been invented by the gays of this era in the history of the world . if it was so natural why didnt men marry men all along? adam and eve my friends not adam and steve

  7. Pecks Rinne says:

    You know the illuminati invented the god stuff too to keep us in check.

  8. William Cooper wrote a book entitled "Behold A Pale Horse " which also predicted the gay agenda. It was published in 1991.

  9. black puta says:

    i'm gay and i don't choose to be. i'm a follower of god and i think that just cause you're gay doesn't make it a sin, it's only if you act upon that. so i'm gay but i choose not to do any homosexual acts

  10. MAX___ says:

    that my friend is the truth people should learn about. religion causes hurt and the biggest debate that could be kept simple. the new generation steams from respect, wisdom, justice, peace, integrity, honesty. the old generation steams from war, greed, deception, violence. the youth matter we need to save the children from the upcoming corruption. that wont matter because mother earth is cleansing itself from the corruption of time.

  11. MAX___ says:

    Im a native american! I have every right not to believe in christianity. its a religion based upon misery and fear. when Christianity set of to the great lands of america. they where forcing their beliefs upon the native americans, if the natives rejected they'd grab their hair and be scalp to death. another thing they would do was cut off their hair and forced them to go to church. the native american ways of belief are far more peaceful then the christianity.

  12. Homophobia is a mental illness. Believing in hell and in a sky daddy is severe mental illness. Believing in a white deity that supposedly died for your sins is mental retardation. I swear straight people are the world's most stupid people yet they breed like roaches. Stop breeding and stop eating and killing animals you savages.

  13. The answer to all this is Jesus frees us all from bondage that Satan has us trapped in. We need to share God's truth in love that He makes no one LGBT and we need to pray and we need to share how to be free in Christ. Satan is attacking God's plan and doesn't want us to be with God. Satan puts whatever he can into our minds. Anyone caught up in drugs or pornography or alcoholism or homosexuality or feeling like they are in the wrong body or any other sin can be freed when we surrender our will to Jesus. Jesus freed me from Satan's bondage of lesbianism and Jesus showed me if I died in my sins (in lesbianism), I would not be with Jesus. This whole LGBT thing is Satan's attack on God's plan. We need to resist the devil’s schemes and lies. Things from Satan and the demons are going to come into our minds but if we turn it over to Jesus and keep our eyes on Jesus and commit our lives to Jesus, we can overcome any sin and be forgiven. God loves us so much but He's waiting for us to love Him the way He is. He's holy and righteous and will cleanse us and sanctify us and make us new if we allow Him. He wants us to come to Him as we are but He is not going to keep us where we are. He wants to make us new and He wants us to be more and more like Christ. We have to understand we are in a spiritual battle and we have to turn things over to Jesus and He will work in and through our lives.

  14. DID FACEBOOK CIA shit CENSORED the links???????????????????? shiiiiz!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well I'm proudly gay. Also find heterosex disgusting, abominable & repulsive. I'm also disgusted when hetero couples kiss in front of me or in public. The thought of a man putting his penis into a nasty vagina really bothers me & disgusts the hell outta me. So I guess I'm a natural heterophobe. Lol. Honestly I don't get why any man would want a vagina. That shit is nasty scary & ugly as fuck. Plus it's filled with bloody period discharge. No matter whom it belongs to or what the women looks like her cunt looks exactly the same ugly as fuck. Penises are a trillion times much better looking in appearance in all shapes, forms, colors, textures, sizes, short, tiny, long, big, huge, monster, fat, thick, thin, cut, uncut, dangly, straight, curbed, hairy, smooth, hard, soft, veiny or not so veiny lol. I will never understand what straight men see in a womens genitalia it's the worst part of their anatomy in my opinion. Men's bodies are far more superior, stronger with bigger built & can dominate you in so many ways a women can not & never will. I honestly believe women are overrated by society & the media. I just don't get it nor do I see what the heteronormative community see I just don't. That's my truth from a real gay man that's out loud & proud honey.

  16. ROD BOY says:

    Do your research ignore pro gay tv channels and media boycott pro gay business it is time for silent majority to wake up

  17. Rianah L says:

    I totally agree with you .. I wanted to add something which is that Video I watched ages ago talking about how the gmo food are like very dangerous also effecting humans hormones … Etc. Specially chicken wings which may cause brain confusion gender … Etc.

  18. I may not agree with many things but I am no one to judge how another human being chooses to live their life. There is already enough hatred in this world, for people to actually focus on this nonsense! As long the another persons lifestyle is not affecting my wellbeing, I can care less about their business. Too many lives were lost in Orlando Florida less then a week ago. Lets use that tragedy to reflect n stop passing judgement. Lets spread love & not hate. Have a blessed day 🙂

  19. Oka Ruto is a worthless piece of sexual trash that should've died in a plane crash.

  20. m jst wonder what tommorrow may gring???

  21. Zoexla9 Conz says:

    Why is this piece of shit telling everybody that "homosexuality is satanic". NO ITS NOT!!! people can chose to love whoever the fuck they want. You are messed up in the head and I suggest you go get help. People are born gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and everything like that. You are a stupid homophobic scumbag and you will burn in hell

  22. J ROC says:

    I agree 100% is there a way I can get that book for free

  23. Lady Gt says:

    Read Revelations 2:10 it coincides with what the book talks about New religion…

  24. I Hongry says:

    When did you choose to be straight? You are a fucking idiot, bro.

  25. sean guido says:

    we're all fucked

  26. Sol Mon says:

    ANY marriage that is officiated through government is not real marriage. Straight or gay.


  27. NoNWO says:

    Not even a year later we have transgender bathrooms, this is normal and God is abnormal now, I cant help but think we are at the end of days.

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