GLORY HOLE – Papers, Please #1


Please watch: “CRAZY DRIVERS – Bus Simulator 16” → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- GLORY HOLE – Papers, Please #1 …


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  1. "interrogate this bitch!" hahha thats right! we don't want no spies in our country! xD

  2. what was that intro all about hahaha

  3. lol that intro doe

  4. GodChronos says:

    XD your videos alway make me laugh so much man! It's just your personality is A1 my friend! Keep up the good work!!

  5. AX3 GameZ says:

    haha awesome intro man hahah this game looks dope

  6. Lowno gamer says:

    But if you fail, you will probably not get enough money to buy heat, food and rent for your family, and they will die can you just.. accept or deny anyone? o.o thumbs-up from me bro 😀

  7. 2 Tops Down says:

    XD the begging of your videos are always the best

  8. ZoltStream says:

    good game mate 🙂 liked and shared :)

  9. MereDusty says:

    This game is awesome, but i feel like it does not really compute with youtube that well. You made it as interesting as you could have, but i believe Layers of fear, for example, is better in this regard.

  10. K1ng V1per says:

    nice video man i sub i will try to be active

  11. Crogamer 11 says:

    Cool video friend

  12. StaminadeZZ says:

    Hey dude thanks for coming over to my channel much appreciated D:

  13. Nato Potato says:

    Hahahah you are so cruel!

  14. GingerMan says:

    You would be perfect for this in real life xD haha! THis was fantastic!

  15. Denied! Approved! DENIED! XD

  16. NizerGaming says:

    I need to play this one. Dang American spies! Entry denied! Nice vid!

  17. Buttons says:

    I come to your channel and all i see are gigantic words saying "GLORY HOLE" hahaha

  18. OKMultiplay says:

    Access Denied! XD
    This was different, lol :')

  19. Devozpaz! says:

    bro that intro was EPIC XD

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