GOG MAGOG World War III Players Exposed! Korea, Boston Bombing, Ezekiel 38 Connection!


My teaching on the Biblical main players of WWIII has been on record for over a decade and is now being vindicated. They are NOT what many Gentile prophecy teachers assume! You have to go back to the Jewish sources. The Boston Bombing and North Korean nuclear testing have a surprising connection to Gog of the land of Magog. I connect the pieces together for you so you can watch ancient prophecies literally unfold right before your eyes… and know for sure the God of the Bible is real, God cares for you, He knows everything, and yes, He is sending His Son ~ our Savior ~ the Jewish Messiah – back sooner than you think!

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44 Responses

  1. I think it's odd that he doesn't give the name of Messiah JESUS CHRIST in the description. Magog is G.W Bush. it's his skull and bones name. G.W was quoted in Wikipedia as telling French president " when you look up Magog" that the army's of gog and magog have been released. "that it was god's will" well If you read Revelation. G.W. Bush admits who his god is. Satan. this man is a false prophet.

  2. Janet Leslie says:

    Steve I don't know if you've heard this but the Boston Bombing was a false flag. We've had an enormous amount of this under Obama

  3. MrAkitaDog says:

    I think Russia is more likely to lead nations against Isreal. Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia will also attack but Russia will lead. You appear to focus all end time prophecy on just the middle east but Tarshish is likely to be England and so proves end time prophecy includes other nations. I think your part right but not 100%.

  4. Salina Hayy says:

    David Icke video will teach you to see who is making problems on the planet

  5. Salina Hayy says:

    watch David Icke

  6. Salina Hayy says:

    you so wrong in everthing you say


  8. chalklite7 says:

    So that it be known,,,,, Gog and Magog is the state of Israel to it's fullness.

  9. Webz1n says:

    I very think its Russia.
    > Russia has a centenary hate on England and now EUA domination
    > They always wanted to be number1
    > Gog is the guy who unifys these people muslim against israel
    (History told us that the muslims are orphans from their khalif age)
    > Turkey is the proud of muslim nation cause of their empire in the past
    (but turkey is not strong today, and cant be a seriously threat – Russia can, and want)
    > Many many profecies warn the humanity to be careful with Russia
    > Russia today is a powerfull nation with great influence in asia even in countrys bigger then they like China.
    > Putin said he misses the Soviet Union/communism/cold war days, because they were great.
    > But russia is not completely muslim
    Tell me what you think Steve please.

  10. Sun Choi says:

    Hi Brethern

    As we are believers we should blessing people not cursing.
    I felt that this pastor is very far from Holy Bible says about Korea, Korean believers go to Israel and pray for them for many years and God uses Korean believers for many nations recently.
    Well, North Korea is nortalious of Nuclear power but not South Korea though.

    Guess is not Holy Spirit saying. We need to follow the scripture correctly on behalf of God in Heaven.

  11. Luke Han says:

    the more i realise this is a soft spoken deceptive scham.

  12. brockyc1 says:

    Seoul is South Korea not North Korea. South Korea is a friendly nation

  13. Just to correct: Boston's bombers intent was to repay America for blaming Muslim for 911. They believed it was inside job.

  14. I am sorry, this prophesy is wrong. Khazar is not Kazakhstan. It is south part Russia, Caucus and Ukraine.

  15. I didn't see that picture that way . Obama represents the Muslims and Killary their
    $ *

  16. Mili Johnson says:

    great blessing u are …

  17. With our God, we shall get rid of obama and clintons as well as the entire evil employees we have allowed to control our America. Our government employees have taken God, our Lord, our Savior, our creator of each and every person and thing in this and everything created, that evil has thrown God out like he is a bag of trash. God who sent his son Jesus Christ to die and yet lives on and sits at the right hand of God. Schools our young innocent children go to, now no longer can even speak the name of the God, or Jesus Christ, that has protected America and his people. Our government employees that worship the fallen angels and satan behind closed doors in our buildings that were built for laws of our Constitution to be upheld. Yet they pretend to be Christians to us, the people, who are supposed to be the boss, the government.
    God has protected this country's people even though God knew that the idolatry creatures of the fallen angels and satans evil are decorated on each and every one of them. This was done long before you and I were born. As we look back on American history at times when these buildings were built, there were Christians who spoke out about these evil creatures plastered on our buildings, yet still today they stand staring at us and reminding all who know them, that evil is still in charge. Our leaders enjoy slapping us in the face every day with the evil they don't even hide from us. Right there in plane view for all to see.
    Don't think even for a second they are not aware of the evil that decorates our supposedly Godly government buildings, they, each and every one who sits in our building's pretending to be Godly workers, they know exactly what they stand for. They have lied and cheated and killed and built under ground facilities for them selves. Every thing that is done in our political system only goes to prove that evil is in each and every one of them. We have had evil running our country for so long that we have come to the conclusion that what they do is correct. How many trillions and trillions of our tax money has been stolen from you and I, only to be put in evil hands.
    Every thing that has been done in Washington DC for generations, has been done to bring God and Christians, and countries down to their knees and break us to the now point of no return.
    They want everyone and everything for them selves. They want everyone to have a device in our bodies to tell them everything we do and go.
    Hilary clinton even was so bold as to say, get rid of your beliefs and follow her. There are many people that shall do exactly as she and others say. We are so close to being zombies, as some believers in Christ that make movies have been trying to tell us, yet we watch only as entertaining TV.
    I could go on and on, and I should at least for the people who are still blind to their actions of evil, but I won't, except for one last thing.
    I'm sure that during this election year you have all seen how Mr. Trump who speaks the truth about the happenings of our government, has been put down and lied about. We all know as Christians that Jesus Christ is the only person who has never sined, Mr Trump is no exception, he is no better than you or I when it comes to sinning. But when it comes to standing up for the rights and wrongs of the country, I'd say he is one in a million. Not many Americans have the courage to stand up and tell the truth about the evil actions of this nation. Not even one person in our Congress has had the nerve to tell Americans what has happened to our nation. Death seems to be end for anyone trying, and that's been proven time and again. Yet he, Mr Trump has stood strong, we needed a man like him long ago, But hear is the truth statement whether you are going to except or not.
    He, Mr Trump is our only choice for the president, they have done everything to stop him, besides kill him. Which certainly is not above them to try. I pray they can't with God's protection around him and family. He and I believe Gods help will turn back the clock and straighten our country back, and even making it better and more Godly than ever before.
    So if you're interested in having a Godly country like it was intended, vote for Mr Trump, if not please do not pretend to be a Christian anymore and be on your way.
    May God Bless this preacher and family.
    May God Bless Christians.
    May God Bless America.
    May God turn thoughts of World War lll a distant past and gone from history. Amen Amen Amen!!!!!

  18. Mili Johnson says:

    you are a great blessing to the world . . God has given you amazing wisdom

  19. The prophecy from the Rabbi will swing this for me if I can verify that it really is a word from God. Up until now I was thinking that the 'Gog of Magog' war was the UN coming to secure Israeli oil after the petro-dollar tanks, the Israelis hit back and a massacre ensues. I'm prepared to drop this now but I need a reason for why Kim Jong Ill would strike Israel, otherwise this cant work! or will he just give a nuke to Iran and they do it?


  20. I think you are WAY OFF BASE ….. the nations you are mentioning are NOT even in the BIBLE…. YOU yourself said the BIBLE is Middle East Centered….. HOW did you overlook the fact that Meschech , Tubal, Togarmah are ALL in the LAND of MAGOG….. TURKEY….. and JESUS himself said that the SEAT OF SATAN is in PERGAMUS….. that is ALSO in Turkey…

  21. Agent Ice says:

    I know this is years later, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax as well as several other events, even a few from more recent days. I normally wouldn't feel the need to bring that up, but you mentioned it in your video… Besides that small detail, I believe the rest of your video contains a lot of excellent information. Thank you!

    On that note… back when you made this video you said that the U.S. would be unlikely to side with Iran, but we had that terrible nuclear deal with them and a much worse relationship with Israel than in the past several years so I suppose the possibility of the U.S. attacking them is still on the table.

    I also want to bring up the video about the Jewish kid that was clinically dead, and saw Heaven and came back… If I recall correctly something along the lines of Obama started the war or was the anti-Christ. I had a friend that brought up a very interesting point. Obama may want to take a position at the U.N. after his presidency so perhaps he does not have to be POTUS to start the ball rolling on things if what the kid said was true. However, that is quite different from this current prediction…

  22. Thank you Lord……

  23. littlemamagk says:

    Hilary Clinton is ..a witch..

  24. Joanna Moses says:

    the Lord Jesus blessed you and protect you, thank you for your message ,

  25. wade beahan says:

    Other information indicates that the leader of Turkey is Gog. I guess we will find out for shore soon.

  26. seeing this now Obama has made this the land of the gog. The nuclear deal with Iran.

  27. Mike Hood says:

    Contrary to the popular lie the Israelite Bible is not a Christian book, nor were the followers of  Yahawashi the Negro Messiah Christians (but Israelite who were called Christians-Acts 11:26), nor is there any Christian doctrine written in the Israelite Bible. Furthermore, contrary to the popular lie the Khazar’s (imposter Jews), Canaanite (whites) and Edomites (the caucasians whites) are not the Jews or any members of the 12 Tribes and their pagan invention of Judaism (Judaism was invented at the Council of Mainz Germany 1000 AD like Christianity was invented by the Romans pagans at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD) has no relations with Negro Jews from the tribe of Judah. Genesis 15:13-14 prophecy relates to the Israelite captivity in the Americas (New Egypt which is the house of bondage) and not ancient Egypt.Therefore, the Children of Israel (descendant of slaves) are God’s chosen people according the Bible and they would be identified by the prophecy of 400 years of slavery & oppression in a strange land among strange people.

  28. Mike Hood says:

    The Real Jews are Negroes and the white people calling themselves Jews living in Israel today is Khazars.Revelation 2:9 (AKJV) 9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 3:9 (AKJV) 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

  29. Mike Hood says:

    Psalm 83:1-8Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV) 1 Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. 2 For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.
    3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. 4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. 5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: 6 the tabernacles of Edom (the Caucasians), and the Ishmaelites (the Black Arabs); of Moab (the Chinese), and the Hagarenes (African/Arabs); 7 Gebal (Africans), and Ammon (Japanese), and Amalek (Imposter Jews (the Khazars)); the Philistines (Africans) with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Assur (Syrians, Iraqi's  and Kurds)also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot (other East Asians Nations). Selah.

  30. I really love the English subtitle, the more you can not understand English.. haisst!

  31. aribabou1 says:

    In the course of current events you might want to alter your point of view at 13:30.

  32. khamis hafez says:

    you don't even make sense
    war always start by the owner of children of israel and the zionist christians why don't you talk about the rothschilds, the vatican and the queen of England , stop telling lies.

  33. TheShokwav says:

    So in your video of the 15 year old Jewish boy and him admitting obama is gog then obama must be tied in to Mongolian bloodline. But my vision of a man who looked like tsipras was on a desert hilltop during ww3 leading total chaos. So Armageddon is a later incident after the rapture

  34. 곽영철 says:

    Gog & Magog is ashkenazim (today israel) according to an Israeli doctor Jons Hopkins professor Eran Elhaik's DNA research. The author is just repeating what zionist New World Order psychopaths want people to believe. What a dumbest video. Syria war is the same plan as Lybia invasion to steal oil & gas and to kill people to depoulate and to establish Greater Israel according to Yinon plan.


  36. Sarah Weaver says:

    Can discovery ministries explain who Sheba and Dedan written in Ezekiel 38:11-13?  Where in the Chronicles of Josephus has he written Gog is Scythian?  1st Chronicles 5:3 reads Gog is of the tribe of Reuben.  Rosh is of the tribe of Benjamin Gen. 46:21-26.  Gog identifies himself as Gidget Delay advised as follows:  Who is Gog and Magog you ask….do a Goolge search on the UK parade to Gog and Magog they have once a year to celebrate the protection of this evil….open your eyes you are being deceived…When they enact their Babylonian and pagan rituals of Tyre they call themselves Gog, Magog and Rosh.  They are Gog who came upon the land of Israel in these last days.  The battle will be according to Ezekiel 38:22-23 When the Almighty God brings himself into judgment with them with pestilence and with blood; and a flooding downpour and hail stones, fire and sulphur I (Yahuaweh God) will rain down upon him, and upon his bands and upon many peoples.  So identify Sheba and Dedan please!  Sheba and Dedan cannot possibly be of the twelve tribes but are descendants of Abraham and Keturah, Genesis 25:1-3.  They are also descendants of Moses and Zipporah the Kenite daughter of Jethro the High priest of Midian who by the divine guidance of God established the system of tribal chieftains over the nation of Israel.  His son Hobab was given land after being guide to the nation of Israel for forty years Judges 1:16.  The Palestinians were given land in Israel by decree of God the Almighty read Jeremiah 35:19 Where the Kenite descendants of Jonadab the son of Rechab are promised to have men standing before God's throne always.

  37. Patti Hanlon says:

    Please give references for Meschech being a place in Turkey– all you hear down through the yeas is "we think this is what it is" or "you have to believe this is what it means" etc. For some of us who have studied, researched, dedicated our lives to the study of the Word really don't know for sure what some of these places are– you went over that quickly saying Meschech is a city in Turkey with no reference that relieves doubt– as of late, several Bible teachers are now changing their minds about Russia's part in end time prophesy– very difficult— in my latest researching, I am still seeing words like: "supposedly",, "perhaps",, "this could be",, etc. ~~~

  38. jorph1 says:

    I like your videos they're informative in ways others on you tube are not. however I see the end times happening a little differently. Many people lump ww3 and Armageddon together as one war, but there not. 1. Israel has not gained the full use of temple mount back yet to build the temple. Why is this important? Well there can be no two state solution, why because Palestinians don't want one, and if they did they'd require the temple mount as theirs and there would be no third temple. Whats probably going to happen is that an event most likely an assassination will be blamed on Israel and that event will lead Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and a few others to attack Israel. Remember all these countries leader stated if USA goes into Syria they will attack Israel. In this war which is ww3 Israel will defeat its neighbours getting back a lot of their land and causing the world to step back and take a second look at Israel. The reason fro this is the USA and Russia and other countries are working in the dark towards Israels destruction from the face of the earth that is their real goal. Once this happens Israel will demand a 7 year peace deal. This is either brokered by the Anti Christ, or he has something else to do with the peace deal. The 3ed Temple is built and the dome destroyed, then the Anti Christ declares himself God setting up his statue in the temple this is the abomination that desolates. 3.5 years into the peace Russia attack in full force and they re wiped out with nukes and such. It takes 7monthes to bury the dead. then the Euphrates dries up and the kings of the East attacks Israel. People say this is Isis, however the river doesn't need to dry up for them to attack they're already on the west of the river. The Kings of the East are Asians and they're destroyed also. After they are finished, the rest of the world is gathered against Israel and when they almost have Israel routed Jesus shows up to save the day and the Jews by destroying the worlds armies, and the Anti Christ and his false prophet. Then Jesus sets up his 1000 year kingdom. After that that's when satan is released with his armies and he doesn't stand a chance. After that war the Lord Jesus hands everything over to the father which is the white throne judgement and after that eternity in a new heaven and a new Earth which will also be eternal. I cant wait for eternity

  39. Gidget Delay says:

    Who is Gog and Magog you ask….do a Goolge search on the UK parade to Gog and Magog they have once a year to celebrate the protection of this evil….open your eyes you are being deceived…

  40. Magog one of the sons of Japheth became the ancestor of Scythians. Scythians were Iranic nomads that lived above Caucasus in present day Russia. They have more in common with Slavs (Russia's main ethnicity) than they do with Turks. Scythians were Y-haplogroup (paternal gene that passes from dad to son) R1a people. Y-haplo R is Aryan Indo-European marker that is most dominant in both Europe and Northern India today. Slavs are also mainly R1a. We can thus say that the two people, Scythians and Slavs are brothers that came from the same ancestor. Some Scythians could be ancestors of some Slavs.

    Mongols and Huns are not identical people. The Xiongnu Huns above China were Turkic. They were the original Turks. Xiongnu were originally Y-haplo N (Native Siberian / Finno-Ugric – closest brother group of N is O which makes up majority of east Asians such as Chinese and Korean. N and O come from common ancestor NO) + Q (Native American – Q's closest brother group is Indo-European R, they come from common ancestor P) + C (Mongol , Tungus) people. But they had quite a bit of R1a (Scythian) gene mixed into them as well, making them a Caucasoid – Mongoloid hybrid race. Han Chinese defeated Xiongnu, and XIongnu fled westward. When they appeared in Europe as Huns, they already absorbed many Scythians (R1a) and Sarmatians (G) into their group, thus were more Caucasoid than they originally were. The Mongols are mainly Y-haplo C people (Samoans are also C) and they are from the tribe called Dongho (meaning eastern barbarian in Chinese). Dongho and Xiongnu (Huns) were distinct tribes. The Huns controlled present day Mongolia region, and Dongho lived in eastern Mongolia/western Manchuria, but after Huns moved west, Mongols replaced them and came to occupy Mongolia region. Both Mongols and Huns speak Altaic language, but genetically they are not the same, although there are some overlaps.

    Togarmah from the line of Japheth is said to be an ancestor of Turkics and some Caucasians. However, as mentioned earlier, the Xiongnu, ancestors of Turkics have multiple origins. They are a mixture of different peoples (N+C+Q). So saying that Togarmah is the only ancestor of Turkics is problematic. Moreover, Turks of Central Asia / Siberia (the more original Turks) have very different genes from Turks of Turkey. Turks' homeland is Central Asia, but they came to Anatolia and mixed with the Natives there. Genetically, Turks of Turkey today are closer to fellow middle-easterners (J – Semitic marker) than they are to original Turks (N+C+Q), indicating that the Natives of Anatolia are still the more dominant group in Turkey in terms of numbers.

    Khazars were Turkic people from Central Asia (N + Q) that came to Caucasus and mixed with the Scythians (R1a) and Native Caucasians (e.g. Sarmatians (G), Chechens (J2), Dagestanis (J1), etc.) already settled there. Thus, they would have been a mix of various people. Ashkenaz (from the line of Japheth), a brother of Torgramah, is said to be ancestor of many Ashkenazi Jews. Chechens and Dagestanis in southern Caucasus are close brothers of Semites for they all have Y-haplo J (Semitic marker). J's closest brother group is I which is Balkan, Viking, German. They come from common ancestor IJ (many of them look similar such as having high long noses and long slender faces with high foreheads). It is possible that some Chechens and Dagestanis are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel that moved up to Caucasus or descendants of Esau (descendant of Shem) who is said to have had red hair (his name means red). Many Chechens have red hair so do Ashkenazi Jews. Many Zionist Jews are said to be Edomites (Esau's descendants). Perhaps some Edomites have moved up to Caucasus and became part of Khazars. So to summarize, biblically, Turkic Khazars are descendants of Ashkenaz (Japhethic), Magog (Japhethic), Torgamah (Japhethic), and perhaps Esau (Semitic). Genetically, they are Central Asian Turkic (N + Q) + Scythian (R1a) + Chechens / Dagestanis (J) + Sarmatians (G+F+K).

    Celts (many of whom have red hair) are Y-haplo R1b. They are brothers of Scythians (R1a) and Northwestern Indian Aryans (R1a), both coming from R. Basques of Spain are also R1b.

    There is a legend that Alexander the Great built a wall on Caucasus to keep Gog and Magog (living North of Caucasus) at bay. During Apocalypse, this wall will be breached and Gog and Magog will come down.

    Biblical origin of Mongoloid people is still being disputed whether they are Japhethic, Hamitic, or Semitic (or even from Cain). But one thing is clear, and that is they have diverse origins. The term mongoloid doesn't mean originated in Mongolia or closely related to Mongols. It simply denotes to a set of physical traits such as big cheekbones and small eyes that are best exemplified by Mongols and are shared among all east Asians. Chinese people for example, are Y-haplo O, and they are very distant from Mongols (C) genetically. However, they are both mongoloid by appearance. Therefore, whoever is the ancestor of Mongoloid people, there's gotta be more than one person. C (Mongols, Samoans) and D (Tibetans, Native Japanese Ainu – D's closest brother group is E which is North African Hamitic – Ainu are known as Asians that lack mongoloid features for they followed warm southern coastline and didn't have to adapt to cold climate as much) people came to east Asia first, but O, a newly formed group came later and dominated fertile mainlands. C and D were pushed to remote parts as a result. Most east Asians now are Y-haplo O. Mongoloid features are known to be adaptations to Ice age conditions, but there are debates as to whether it's true or not. Some people that adapted to cold climate are not mongoloid (e.g. Vikings) and other people that didn't adapt to cold climate are mongoloid (San people of South Africa, southeast Asians, etc.). So not all questions are resolved. There are some debates as to whether a big nose or small nose is better in cold climate for example. Some say small is better for it reduces surface area thus preserves heat and prevents frostbite, others say big is better for it heats up air before entering body. But one thing is for certain, and that is environment plays as big of a role in shaping peoples' looks as genetics. People that look different can have close genes, and people that look similar can have distant genes.

    There are others who say Y-haplo A people (most ancient people, that gave birth to all other people – some of their genes survive to this day without mutating into some other haplogroup) can be Caucasoid, Mongoloid, or Negroid. Therefore, these differences in looks existed from very early on, via random mutation that gave rise to different looks, but as people spread out, those with certain traits flourished more in certain regions, for their traits fitted the environment better, becoming the dominant traits of people in those regions.

    I think you are confused about the identity of Koreans. Mongols and Koreans are not as closely related as people think. People think that because some of them look similar for being Northern Asians, adapting to similar climate. However, Mongols are mainly Y-haplo C. Koreans are 50 percent Y-haplo (paternal gene) O3 (Han Chinese, east Asian) + 30 percent O2b (Manchurian, Korean, Japanese – O2b's closest brother is O2a which is southeast Asian like Vietnamese and Thai) + 15 percent C3 (Tungus, Manchurian, Mongol) + 5 percent D (Native Japanese Ainu) + N (Siberian, Finno-Ugric) + J (Semitic) + Q (Native American Hunnic) + R1a (Indo-European Scythian) , etc. Only a minority of Koreans (15 percent) are closely related to Mongols. Majority of them (O3 + O2b) are closely related to Chinese and Japanese. C (Mongols) and O (Chinese) are very distant people. Closest group to Koreans genetically are Manchus living north of Korea. Manchus have similar genetic composition to Koreans (both have O2b), except Manchus have more C3 and N and less O3 compared to Koreans.

    Korean language is a language isolate that doesn't have close relation to any other language. It is not Altaic or Tungustic (e.g. Manchurian). And even when two people share similar languages, it doesn't mean their genes must be similar as well. People with distant genes can speak similar language, and people with close genes can speak different language.

  41. Sungwook Kim says:

    I have been worrying about the Nuke exploded in Seoul. And I was born in Seoul and moved out of Seoul, feeling bad when I am in Seoul. I lived in other countries before but now came back to around Seoul for the time being. When I saw this, it struck me so hard in my mind….

  42. Susan Khaury says:

    I have read that genetic studies trace all Native American tribes to the Altai, and that the Appaloosa horse of Pacific Northwest, the horse of the Nez Perce, is descended from the horses of the Altai, some of which have the Appaloosa type markings.

  43. You should re-name your discover ministries video ,, to,, unreal ministries so sad,, ..for you and those that follow you,,,your gonna be like all the hundreds of teachers that fail at the end times because,, it ALREADY HAS HAPPENED SILLY BOY,,,"the time is (back then cronos time ) fulfilled" wise up boy,, gosh what the heck is wrong with you teachers,,, look at the past times ,..2000 years is a long time ..so…Get real..please..You have all been hoodwinked,, listen the rapture took place in 66 AD,, just as Jesus said it would and the apostles, the parousia, when he rapture them,, was just about the time that Jesus said,, "when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know that i am near, even at the doors, ? when was that,, in the same generation as Jesus's, "This generation shall not pass way until all things are fulfilled,," John said "it is the last hour" when? in his day, IT IS,, the last hour,, wake up,,please wake up folks,, the church is gone and the end has come the last days being from 30 AD to 70 AD 40 years,, Love Bob,, by the way all 7 trumpet sounded 2000 years ago,,, The marriage of the lamb took place between 66 AD and 70 AD,, you have been fooled,,

  44. So, Russia is in Syria. Hmmm.

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